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The Home and Away cast get together to pay tribute to Sam Frost


In Summer Bay, the former Bachelorette has found family. – written by Jess Pullar

For the ultimate Summer Bay celebration, Sam Frost has rung in 32 major ones.

During the weekend, the Australian golden girl celebrated birthday a couple of days early by bowling with their closest friends.

Sam seemed to have the time of her life, sharing a range of photographs from the entertaining event to Instagram with many famous Home and Away stars, including James and Sarah Stewart and Courtney Miller and Ethan Browne.

Sam and her Home and Away relatives had a special reunion.

“I adore you all in all. Thank you for making the special #32andFabulous (early) birthday, so that I laughed until I cried.”

The party was happy, with plenty of smiles and laughs.

Sam was presented with a beautiful looking cake.

Sam was born with one candle at the top of her birthday cake at one point and appeared happy to receive it. After all, who doesn’t like cake? We can’t blame her;

Scout, the 8-year-old daughter of James Stewart, seemed to have a nice time with her dad in the meantime.


The couple seemed to be overjoyed in Instagram story as Sam was presented with its cake.

Scout, James Stewart’s eight-year-old daughter, was also present.

Sam’s birthday isn’t until April 4, but she’s already getting birthday greetings from her fans.

Another fan said, “Happy early birthday to you.”

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