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Home And Away : Susie is doing something very serious to Leah And justin. Read more below






Like pensioners who hand their credit card details over to Nigerian princes on the internet, Leah and Justin have fallen into the Susie honey trap.

This is the clearest storey in a while, but it’s always a little gratificating to see Leah and Justin’s hopes shattered.

Justin’s constant with phone calls, so Susie doesn’t know.

Maz tries to say something to Irene but she needs “concrete proof” of how Susie works.


But Irene tries to tell her she’s suspected after hearing her frustrations — that sie can’t really disregard them, they’re in the diner.

Irene is very reluctant to approach her table and says she’s not trusting Susie.

“Don’t forget poisoning,” Maz pipes in a high sweet, punchy voice.

Justin and Leah take off and face Susie.

Home and Away ep 7521

They barge into the house of John.

Susie must have already done that because in the least she is not threatened.

She is cool when she claims it’s just a misunderstanding and blaming “All the clueless thousands of years of immobilisation.”

A fair argument she raises…


Just John stands next to her. He is just glad that another 10 have been scored.

Home and Away ep 7521

Returning to dinner, Willow digs up and a real estate officer named Susie McAllister is unrecorded.

“Susie McAllister doesn’t exist, I don’t think Irene,” she says.

The news of Justin and Leah is broken by Irene.

“It’s not easy to say that guys. Guys. Susie McAllister isn’t working in the property,” says Irene. “There is no such thing as it exists.”

“Who do we give all our money to when Susie isn’t real?” Justin spells.


Later on, justin and Leah meet Susie, but she does not show her all the money she has stolen because she’s busy making a fast trip.

We’re shown a cash filled duffle bag only if we’re not persuaded she’s an artist.

In the hospital, Ari will not be charging Paul and Leon with any urgent charges.

He wants it to end well, I guess. Plus one of them was his brother bash.

Now just hours ago Mia was devoted to Ari’s bedside in her Victorian lamentary outfit and she had not been here since her miraculous recovery — minus the punched lung and broken banks.

Mia really hates him as far as Ari is concerned.

Frankly I am shocked that he remembered it all, however I will attain the outstanding physician credentials of McDreamy’s budget. Remember he (probably) is the world’s greatest neurochirurg.

Home and Away ep 7521

Ari tells his brother from his hospital bed, “How I feel about Mia will never change. “I put you all in danger, however, she was right.

“Maybe this is the way the world says, this is how things were supposed to be.” “I don’t like how things worked out.

Mia then makes a visit to the hospital.

‘Mia, now is done,’ Ari refers to his family and the thugs’ continuous revenge.

Mia says, “You almost died. “I don’t know how to return to a life where I am concerned whether or not you are going home.”

Mia stops her tears and goes away from the bed.

Ari screams out of the room, “Don’t go.”

Ari attempts to follow her, but every step leads to terrible pain.

But for Ari good news because Tane rocks up and goes for Ari after her.

As normal, Mia is hostile, but she may just be facing her.

Home and Away ep 7521

Tane says, “Don’t punish him because he tried to defend his kin.”

Tane informs Mia, Ari had no relation whatsoever with the thugs, and Tane was the one to deal with and to destroy their lives.

“I told him that I would never make the mistake again, and I promised that,” Tane says.

But we know she weighs and tells Ari, whether they love him or not. Mia’s face remains identique.

I assume she’s going to play somehow in Mac and everybody is going to end up alone.

We get to Willow and Bella at last.

Until we hear their profound and substantive talk about betrayal, we are not spared.

Home and Away ep 7521

They share an exciting emotional moment and both begin to feel good.

She “regrets” Willow explains that she no longer has Bella in her life.

Bella reveals later that amid her faith struggles, she misses Willow, telling her that she won’t talk more (thankfully) and is able to hang out once more.


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