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Home And Away’s Lewis prepares to fatally jab Ari, will Dr Christian discover his plot before it’s too late?


Is this the end of Ari’s story?

In the Home And Away episode of this week, when Ari is in a coma, Lewis is ready to ingest medication which could kill him with a syringe. Can anyone stop Lewis from assassinating Ari?

As if it weren’t sufficiently disturbing, the fact that Lewis (Luke Arnold) is the assailant to Dr. Christian’s (Ditch Davey) hospital patient also shows that Lewis is guilty of the terrifying series of deaths.

Christian took a decision to pull him out of the coma following his injured Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) last week, a planned hit-and-run.


After the neurochirurg began challenging Christian’s willingness to perform his assignments. Tori, a doctor buddy

Nurse Lewis stands over Ari, poised to inject her with a lethal injection. The Seven Network is a television network that broadcasts

“Tori is afraid that if Christian continues to question his surgical skills, he will make mistakes in the operating room,” Penny, 38, tells TV WEEK.

Lewis and Christian have been at odds about Lewis’ belief that Christian is to blame for his wife Anna’s death in surgery and their unborn child, as fans are aware.

Lewis’ simmering resentment has stymied any attempts to move forwards so that they can work together as hospital colleagues, despite their best efforts.


“Of course, Christian understands why Lewis is distraught about this disaster,” Ditch, 48, tells TV WEEK.

“The impact is undeniable as a guy who has always wanted a family and now has a chance to start with Tori and Grace.

“He understands Lewis’ agony, but he maintains he did everything he could to save Anna and her child.”

Tori is concerned about Christian’s lack of faith. The Seven Network is a television network that broadcasts

Tori and Jasmine (Sam Frost), a nurse who is now having an affair with Lewis, are caught in the middle of the men’s feud.


Penny claims Tori is baffled by Lewis’ erratic behaviour.

She describes him as “friendly and competent.”

“However, Tori begins to doubt him due to his temper and unwillingness to cooperate with Christian.”

However, she has no idea. Lewis is a ruthless assassin who has his sights set on Ari.

“Tori has no reason not to trust Lewis,” Penny explains, “but she gives him the benefit of the doubt.”

Lewis is in Ari’s ICU bed and plans to shoot the Ari syringe in the 4th line of Ari, although Christian’s decision to shoot Ari out is discussed by the Parata family.


Is Ari’s life coming to an end?

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