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9 huge upcoming spoilers for Home and Away


The Parata family is struggling with an abduction case, though Marilyn is insulted by John.

In next week’s episodes of Home and Away, Nikau and his friends pay the price for Tane’s gangster feud, while Susie finds a new way to alienate John from his Bay friends.

Here’s a complete list of the nine major events coming up.

1. The kidnappers of Nikau make their demands

After being abducted by thugs, Nikau, Ryder, Bella, and Chloe find themselves in a horrific situation as they are bundled into a shipping container. They spend the whole night in the dark on who has targeted them and why.


The next morning, when gangster Paul and his henchmen appear, still seeking vengeance for their recent quarrel with the Parata family, all becomes clear.

Over the phone, Paul warns Tane that he will only return Nikau and the others if he and Ari show up to take their place.

2. Ari and Tane face off against their foes

Ari and Tane are well aware that they must obey Paul’s orders in order to insure Nikau’s and his friends’ safety. When they arrive at the location where Nikau is being held, violence breaks out quickly between the men, with the Parata family badly outnumbered.

Nikau takes advantage of the confusion to get his friends to safety, but he insists on returning to rescue his uncles later.


Fortunately, Ari and Tane have evidently handled themselves well in the face of adversity, as Nikau returns to find wounded men strewn about. In the meantime, a shaken Paul flees the scene.

3. Mia takes a difficult decision.

Mia has finally given in to temptation and spent the night with Ari, but she soon regrets it after learning of Chloe’s kidnapping. She’s taken aback by Ari’s decision to replicate his previous mistakes by becoming involved in illegal activity.

Mia is happy when Chloe is found safe and sound, but she also can’t forgive Ari for putting her in danger. She walks away from the Paratas and tells Ari not to touch her again.

4. Ziggy claims Tane has betrayed him.

Tane makes the decision not to tell Ziggy about the kidnapping drama, but this proves to be a mistake when Mia instead spills the beans.


When Ziggy next sees Tane, she is stern with him, asking him to leave because their trust has been broken.

5. Tori goes over the line

When Leah and Justin think they’ve found their dream home while house-hunting, they’re ecstatic. Tori can’t stop herself from expressing her displeasure with the pair and forcing her own negative view on them, much to Leah’s chagrin. Tori is unaware that she has possibly crossed a line, so Christian is forced to intervene to inform her.

Tori apologises to her brother and Leah the next day for getting involved in their company. With the drama out of the way, Justin and Leah conclude that the house in question is worthy of a bid.

The couple learns that their bid has been accepted by the end of the week, but they run into another snag when their loan falls through.

6. Alf and Roo give Martha assistance.

Martha is also having flashbacks about her missing son Kieran. Irene is alarmed when she sees Martha ‘introducing’ her to Kieran as she appears to be talking to thin air. Irene goes along with it at first, but eventually warns Alf and Roo that something is seriously wrong.

Alf and Roo recognise the need for action and persuade Martha to seek clinical treatment in the hospital. Despite her agreement, Martha does not seem to be completely aware that Kieran was not present.


7. Amber is threatening to leave.

Despite the fact that Amber and Jai have settled in well at the pier apartment, things take a turn for the worse when Amber notices Dean and Ziggy spending time together. This occurs on the day that Dean was supposed to be assisting Jai on his first day of school.

Despite the fact that Dean and Ziggy are conversing for a good cause – exchanging notes on Mac’s pregnancy – Amber misunderstands and believes Dean is prioritising his ex over Jai.

Amber says that moving in was a huge mistake and that she would be leaving as soon as possible. While Amber eventually backs down, her outburst over Ziggy’s involvement is an early indication that she might be rekindling her feelings for Dean. Was she envious of Dean and Ziggy’s relationship?

8. Divorce papers are served on Marilyn.

Following Alf’s election defeat, Marilyn chastises John and Susie for forcing him to sign over the presidency of the Surf Club. Alf’s timing couldn’t be worse because Martha is in the hospital, as Marilyn points out.

Susie is upset by Marilyn’s presence and seeks vengeance by urging John to settle his divorce. When John has done so, he asks Susie to serve the papers on his behalf to Marilyn.

When Marilyn is served the papers by John’s new wife, she is shocked and embarrassed. Alf is the one who defends Marilyn this time, accusing John of being insensitive.

John is perplexed to learn that Marilyn is upset, particularly because Susie assured him that everything had gone smoothly. Will he know Susie lied to him on purpose?

9. Christian and Lewis have a new feud.

Lewis expresses his appreciation to the surgeon for taking responsibility for Anna’s death, and Christian continues his efforts to make amends with him. A terrified Christian insists that he has done nothing wrong and that he still knows he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Christian and Lewis are right back where they started because of this misunderstanding. Tori and Jasmine are both worried that the increasing friction between their spouses will only lead to disaster.

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