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Take a look at Home and Away stars Bec Hewitt and Beau Brady’s off-screen romance

Bec was a half soap force pair before Lleyton was on stage! – by Doyle Erin

As tennis player Wife Lleyton Hewitt, because of her decade-long engagement, Bec Hewitt still gets the headlines.

The popular couple now share 3 children, Mia, 15, Ava, 10 and Cruz, 12, but long before these were good families they frequently played the romance of the actress.

The viewers of both home and away will note that Bec was none other than her co-star Beau Brady at Summer Bay.

Home and Away fans were stolen from their hearts, like Hayley and Noah, and their relationship was just as sizzling. Seven Channel

With their sizzling chemistry and good looks, the soapstars played on-screen lovers Hayley Smith and Noah Lawson, making it two of the most famous characters in their colourful drama.

Bec and Beau established a bond off-screen between 2000 and 2004, since this history was playing out before and after too many people, it wasn’t long before the romantic on-screen transformed into real life.

In the middle of his 4-year relationship, Inside Soap asked Bec if the rest of the cast was stunned that it began to date.

“See it coming, they couldn’t be stunned. They all asked, I believe, ‘why did you take so long?’ Everyone were truly supportive,” announced the star.

Their characters loved the show and from 2000 to 2004 Beau and Bec dated in real life. Good luck

When Bec tried to start a pop career in 2002, she believed that Beau would support her.

She told GIRL magazin, “I am so happy and he knows how much I enjoy it and how much I will miss it.”

Bec pursued a whirlwind affair with Lleyton Hewitt, after ending her engagement with Beau. Are Archive of Media

Beau finally struck the question – and Bec said yes! – but their fairytal relationship quickly collapsed.

In 2004 Bec broke down and quickly switched to Lleyton Hewitt, the tennis star. After six weeks, her now husband got down on a knee.

Years back, in an all-out interview with Woman’s Day, a jilted Beau clamoured that he regretted Bec’s proposal.

He told the magazine in 2010. “I’m looking back and I’m realising it’s one of the most serious mistakes I’ve ever made.”

A jilted Beau interviewed the Woman’s Day in 2010 and said, ‘There was one of the greatest mistakes I ever made, I look back and realise Bec’s suggestion. Archive in the Newspapers

Only 5 years ago, Bec was more diplomatic about the breakup and said in The Sunday Telegraph: “Last year after four years, I broke up with my boyfriend Beau Brady.

“Our relationship has gone from being intimate to being a friend. The end is tough but I know Beau and I’ll stay friends.”

Bec broke media criticism of her and Lleyton’s whirlwind romanticism in this same interview.

“Some of the newspapers haunted our involvement. Still I make my own choices, and I do what my life is best. You have to be real because I am. It’s easy – it’s right for me.” It’s simple.”

Since then, Bec and Lleyton have shown mistakenly that their doubters are still together after they said “I Do” 16 years ago and they are proud of their children’s parents.

Now Bec’s married to Lleyton Hewitt, a tennis star (left), with whom she has three kids. Good luck

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