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Dannii Minogue gets a ‘rush’ from scrubbing the windows and neighbours loved it


EXCLUSIVE: Dannii Minogue, a former X Factor judge, even scrubbed the windows of her neighbours while living at London ‘never as much clean as I like.’

For Dannii Minogue, it’s not pane, no gain. (Picture: ANNUMBER)

Dannii Minogue is nowadays more mop star than pop star – when she gets her housework kicks.

In London, before going back to Oz, the former X Factor judge also scrubbed the windows of her neighbours.

She said: ‘Cleaning the house is the only hurry you have.


“I hate to do bathrooms, but I love the kitchen, the dishes, the things.

“No trouble with Windows.

Simon Cowell played the X Factor in Dannii Minogue and (Image: PA)

“I shared with one of my neighbours a balcony and the windows had never been smoothed for me as I wished.

“You want me clean yours too?” I will clear the windows. ” ” With the bucket, I’m out. I’m out.

Dannii is fond of cleaning the building (stock image) (The picture: Getty)

“It was hilarious, she thought.”

The actor, who was known in Aussie soap Home And Away when Kylie was starring in Neighbors, also said how they couldn’t wait to turn fifty in October.

The 10-year-old son of Dannii who lives in Melbourne now, Ethan, has said: ‘I’m still getting older, maybe 49, but I’m still 50 years old in my head.’

“The next birthday I will never wait.”


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