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6 big questions from Home and Away after the Australian episodes this week

Kieran back to Summer Bay, though Susie was already cheating on the people around her.

Elsewhere, Ari continued to leave Mackenzie in the cold, and Dean was pleased with the return of his young son.

Here are six big questions that we’ve been left with after the most recent Australian episodes.

1. Will Kieran return to Summer Bay?

Kieran’s time in Summer Bay was short, as he had fled the city, threatening to turn violent in a clash with Alf. Despite this, the newcomer Rick Donald, Home and Away, remained on the screen in a different way, as a frail Martha witnessed the hallucinations of her missing son.

This week’s episodes, Martha came up with an idea that her husband, Alf, was always worried about her. She persuaded Alf to let her say that one of the empty caravans in the park was her own private room, where she could read, paint and draw in solitude.

Alf happily agreed to this, but Martha obviously had other plans for room as she loaded it with supplies for Kieran. Then she left a message to the real Kieran, telling him to come back to the Bay as she had found the perfect hiding place for him.

Might Martha’s scheme carry Kieran back to the Bay—and if he does, will he continue to pose a threat to the Stewarts? He’s sure he’s going to have a score to settle with Alf and Roo after they’ve left stuff…

2. Is opposition building for Susie?

Susie has worked her charms on John since she arrived in the Bay, but not everyone is so easily fooled by the newcomer. This week’s episodes saw Irene express her worry about Susie, worrying she may not be what she appears to be. Bingo! Bingo!

While Irene’s fears were quickly dismissed by Susie’s supporters, she was not the only one with doubts. Marilyn was clearly unconcerned as Susie persuaded John to stand up against Alf in his election as president of the Surf Club – a contest that almost ended his relationship.

With famous residents like Irene, Marilyn and Alf not joining Susie’s fan club any time soon, she might start finding it harder to carry out her hidden plan.

3. What will Susie’s next move be?

Susie’s grand master plan remains elusive. We know she seems to be involved in John’s finances, as she recently searched at his private documents and sneakily took some pictures of them. She also seemed especially involved in the idea of John taking over as president of the Surf Club and was very pleased when he won the election.

For now, though, we’re just guessing what the endgame of Susie is. One thing is for sure – her supposed feelings for John are completely fake, because every time she turns her back she seems disgusted with him. Poor John seems to be moving for heartache.

4. Is Christian and Lewis’s feud over?

For the first part of the year, Christian and Lewis’ tensions have been documented as one of Home and Away’s greatest tales, but their mutual rivalry may have already faded.

When Christian found out that Lewis had blamed him for the death of his partner Anna, he looked into the historical case in order to get some answers. Christian operated on Anna after she had been involved in a car crash, but she died a few hours later.

Christian was glad to find that there was little he could do to save Anna, and he immediately tried to set the record straight with Lewis. He also gave a sincere apology for not initially recognising Lewis in their previous encounter.

Lewis was struck by how true Christian’s words were, realising that his adversary was not the selfish monster he had made up in his mind.

Both men were able to step past their differences and look to the future, with life looking lighter for Lewis as he sought a new relationship with Jasmine. But is Christian and Lewis’ rivalry going to be over too quickly if they continue to work together at the hospital?

5. Has Ari already made his choice?

Ari’s love triangle may not be formally settled just yet, but there are telling signals that he has already reached a decision between his new girlfriend Mackenzie and ex-partner Mia.

When the Paratas arranged a small family barbecue in their back yard, Mia secured an invitation, but Ari coldly chose not to tell Mackenzie anything about the occasion. Mackenzie was disappointed to find out, seeing it as yet another warning sign that Ari was slipping away from her.

It’s not looking promising for Mac and Ari’s future right now – but with a surprise pregnancy twist on the way next week, it’s obvious that there are still some big curveballs to come for all concerned.

6. Will Dean and Amber’s arrangement work out?

Dean enjoyed a heart-warming reunion this week as his son Jai returned to the Bay. Amber took the youngster back to see his father after realising that she was wrong to cut them off from each other.

Having lost so much more recently, Dean was overjoyed to see Jai back and immediately started to make some major plans for the future. These included inviting Amber and Jai to come and live with him in the Pier Apartment.


Dean made it clear that he wasn’t looking for a romance with Amber, making it clear that she could come and go as she liked and see who she wanted.


After past tensions, did the pair actually turn the corner, or will this no-string agreement lead to problems?


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