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Ash is back in the Bay! Former Home and Away star George Mason is embraced by Ada Nicodemou as the actor appears to take up a behind-the-scenes role on the show

Before he departed from Summer Bay in 2018, he spent three years at Home and Away Bad Boy Martin ‘ash’ Ashford.

However, last week, George Mason had a very different part in the set of the long-lasting soap.

The 29-year-old actor Kiwi seemed to be working behind the scenes as the crew filmed Ada Nicodemou on the sand.

Ash’s back! Ash’s back! George Mason was back on the Home and Away soap last week, but he’s played a very different part

The former co-stars greeted George warmly, and Ada was obviously glad to see him again.

Underneath a wide-borded hat, which he removed for embrace, were his marked wavy blond tresses.

The walkie talkie cut to his cargo shorts seemed to affirm his crew member identity.

A long-sleeved, striped shirt was also worn by the actor Top of the Lake.

Reunion: The 29-year-old actor Kiwi seemed to work behind the scenes when the crew filmed Ada Nicodemou at the beach.

Warm: The former co-stars greeted George warmly and Ada was visibly delighted to see him

Ada turned up under a lemon coloured mini-dress her toned thighs. In the meantime.

The brunette bomb covered her eyes from the blinding light of the summer in Sydney, while talking.

When they met, George went back behind the camera as Ada was preparing for a photograph.

The best thing about it: His marked wavy blonde tresses were covered under a big, boring hat he took away for the embrace.

In the day: a throwback taken by Ada and George at Home and Out
Having finished their meeting, George went back behind the camera while Ada prepared to take a picture.
Leaving home: Mason told the weeks of TV: ‘It was sad to leave, but I was prepared to press on’ about his departure in 2018.

Mason told the TV Week of his 2018 exit, ‘It was difficult to quit, but I was able to continue.’

‘It’s been time to disseminate my wings and look for further possibilities.’

George has been featureing Dirt Music and Daffodils since leaving Summer Bay in 2019.

Experience: George has been filming dirt music and daffodils since leaving Summer Bay in 2019.

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