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Home and Away Spoilers – Jasmine is fighting for her emotions and much more!

Jasmine will fight for her emotions to Lewis next week on Home and Away in the UK, when stuff blows from Alf and Kieran…

Following the worst of her childhood, in recent times after reconnecting with her old pal Lewis Hayes, Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) has been hunting for (Luke Arnold). The two had been to university together, but hadn’t seen each other for years. In the Colby jail, Jasmine bumped into Lewis suddenly.

Though Lewis and Jasmine were short hooked in the days of their classmate, he went to marry the friend of Jasmine’s Anna. Lewis sadly told Jasmine that two years ago, after one car crash, Anna passed away, something that may be related to Jasmine’s loss of her husband Robbo last year.

Lewis wanted to look for an agency role at the Northern Districts Hospital and he hears this week that the nursing unit’s manager has a permanent career. As he would be boss for Jasmine if it was good, he wonders if she had thought it to herself how she would feel when she applied for it. Jasmine prefered to be on the front and to be busy with the gym, however, he was encouraged to do so.


Jasmine is swift to say that it means operating with Christian (Ditch Davey), who is blamed for Lewis’ death as the surgeon who worked on Anna during the car accident. However, Lewis thinks that it won’t be a problem and asks if it actually gives him the opportunity to rest the past.

Meanwhile, Irene (Lynne McGranger), who noticed Lewis’ relationship with Jasmine, told Jasmine that, after a decade apart, she thought it would be this destiny that got them back together – noting the flickering between them! But Irene is happy that Lewis’ text Jasmine would like to meet for drinks, right on the spot. Jasmine is laughable.

Lewis informs Jasmine when they meet on the pier that his application is being sent in, and she’s happy with him. But if Lewis takes the hand of Jasmine, it is obviously a moment. A conflicted jasmine attempts a hasty escape by making arguments why she needs an early night.

Jasmine is also lost the next morning as she looks over her wedding ring. She then trusts Irene, explaining how she is only starting to feel comfortable again—and how Lewis could eventually become her boss—but Irene can see that she just cares what Robbo’s going to say.

Jasmine reveals that she’d like to deceive Robbo to start a relationship with Lewis, but Irene insists she’d like Robbo to be happy.

Finally, Jasmine and Lewis meet again to discuss matters, revealing that Lewis did not imagine things when he sensed something there was between them. Jasmine admits she has feelings for him, but she doesn’t know that she is pretty willing to walk on from Robbo. Lewis assures her that the sentiment is mutual, although he has had more patience for Anna’s death than her.

They accept that their way into the jail is indeed destiny, but conclude that they will discuss things further when Jasmine feels ready. Lewis’s hand is taken by Jasmine, and she’s not pulling backwards this time…

Alternatively, there is an awful turn of events in Summer Bay as Alf (Ray Meagher) learns whose stepson Kieran (Rick Donald).

After (correctly) suspecting Kieran could drink again, his mother Martha (Belinda Giblin) and his half-sister Roo (Georgie Parker) attempted to look for some traces of alcohol in Kieran’s caravane but were stopped when Kieran was suddenly coming home.

When we take action this semanne, Kieran rages as he throws out all his belongings and says to his mother that he is leaving Summer Bay, because she does not believe him. Only after her stranged son has begun to restore relationships—after she was compelled to call the police on him several years ago in a case and drunkenness of violence—Martha hopes Kieran will change her mind.

Kieran succeeds in convincing Martha of his transition, to Roo’s disbelief, and Martha doesn’t hear the negative thing that he says, they have to believe him even more from this point on.

Later that night, however, Kieran again displays his true colours, warning Roo not to attempt to rejoin Martha, leaving Roo shaken.

Roo finally discovers an empty stash of bottles under a Kieran truck and says to Alf quickly who is not shocked in the least. But when he knows that Kieran was hostile to Roo, Alf takes the warfare and reveals to Roo the brutal passage of Kieran.

Kiéran turns to them as they pursue Kieran at a surf club and suspects Roo of being jealous for Martha to keep her up – Martha was supposed to be dead after all, to leave Alf and Roo.

Alf shouts at Kieran only to close his mouth for Kieran to strike him! Alf is only rescued by rushing to hold Kieran away from a blow from Justin (James Stewart).

Kieran is leaving quickly, as Roo and Alf feel they can’t but call the cops. However, as they go back to the caravan park with Sergeant Cooper (John Atkinson), who tells them that Kieran was still well worth the detention in a preceding incident, they discover Kieran’s van empty and Martha emotionally outside.

Can Kieran get free of charge?

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