Saturday, August 13, 2022

Home and Away spoilers: John takes on Alf in surprising showdown

In the Bay to help Christian (Ditch Davey) purchase a home from newcomers Susie (Bridie Carter), John (Shane Withington) had recently had some luck in his love life since his division from Marilyn (Emily Symons). The immobilising agent brings John fast and he spends much of his time together soon.

When the pair walks on the sand, Susie says that she has a great customer from Hollywood who wants to purchase a property in the Bay that excites John. Marilyn can’t help but look at them together like a hawk when he takes her to Diner.

Susie soon sees the intense crowd, and asks John who Marilyn is. Alf (Ray Meagher) flows across him as they leave and makes his typical dam of critique. Susie says after Alf is away that John hands Alf on to be the next chairman of the Surf Club.

John is thrown away from the notion, but Susie is always encouraging him to suggest that his hard work goes unnoticed daily and that he should increase his obligation. Her words convince him to apply to battle John, which is Alf’s last expectation.

When John presents Susie to him and suggests he plans a bid to kick him out of the presidency, Alf is unimpressed to be re-appointed without competition. But Alf is ready to face the test…

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