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Home and Away Tori star teases Christian split as the romance ‘will turn out to be a lie’

Tori Morgan and Christian Green were excited at home and away when the doctor had raised the issue – but it seems that there may be a heartbeat later on.

Home and Away’s Tori Morgan and Christian Green (Penny McNamee and Ditch Davey) will tie the knot after this month’s issue was posed by the doctor.

The couple had a flowering romantic spirit that was ignited by Tori brother Justin (James Stewart) being cared for a tumour last year by a surgeon.

Christian told Tori that he want to be a family with them and baby Grace, but the couple may have trouble ahead.

The two seem happier than ever before as they brace for the big day, but a surprise engagement party would be awful as a kink is coming next week.

Christian recently asked Tori (image: 7 network/channel 5) 1 Christian

Justin starts to worry when Tori notices Justin is acting weirdly, that he is unwell again, and Christian confronts her brother to protect her secrets.

Justin discusses the surprise squad, and Christian joins in, but when Tori learns what’s happened, she’s not pleased.

But Tori might end up realising with the trailer that Christian hides a huge mystery from the past that she will not be happy to end at all?

Penny has tried to divide Tori and Christian later in the line (Image: Channel 5)

Newcomer Lewis has announced his wife Anna’s suicide, and he accuses Dr Green of her death, which could eventually lead to a vindication storyline when the two actually face-to-face.

When Tori discovers what her latest fiancé is covering, what is Tori thinking? Could the whirlwind pair spark the beginning of the end?

Can the history of Christian sweep him up? (Image: 7 Channel/Network 5)

Penny said to Daily Star, heartbreak teasing later on: “I’d like her still to be glad for Tori afterwards, but as a member of the crowd you can always watch a couple as they are torn apart and wish their return.

She added the following: “It’s been convenient for them for months, so I believe I’d encourage the public to sit together on the edge of their seats.

“I believe it’d be amazing all this drama.”

“This guy, I’m like,’ he’s always pulling her off her feet and always has the right words and knows just what to say,’ Penny added. ‘I read from the books.

“The collapse is coming, anything will prove to be a lie.”

Will Christian and Tori make it all down the aisle, or will it all end in disaster?

On Monday at 14:15 on Channel 5, Home and Away will resume.

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