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Spoiler Alert!! Sad Decision for Nikau is Revealed in these pictures


The whole series of pictures reveals what is to be done on the UK screens in the week beginning on Monday, 8 February.

Wednesday, February 10: For Nikau, it’s a huge day

Ari and Tane asked Nikau to leave Summer Bay for his own protection, with Paul and Leon continuing to make threats against the Parata family over their debt.

Wednesday 10th February: Nikau discusses it all to Bella

The definition of Ari and Tane is for Nikau to go and stay in New Zealand for a while with his mum.


Wednesday, February 10: For Bella, it’s a tough case

She has already lost Colby, who is now in jail for the murder of Ross, and after the Witness X drama, Willow has gone AWOL.

Wednesday, February 10: Bella offers her blessing to Nikau

Even though she doesn’t want Nikau to leave, despite the other recent losses in her life, she still couldn’t stand losing him forever.

Wednesday 10th of February: Nikau begins packing

He’s going to need to make a quick getaway.


February 10, Wednesday: Nikau reaffirms his feelings for Bella

A change isn’t going to be forever.

Wednesday, February 10: Nikau is delighted that the news is so well received by Bella

He had been dreading her reaction.

Wednesday, 10 February: Bella appears to have hidden her real emotions

At the worst possible moment for her, Nikau’s split from the Bay is arriving.

Wednesday, February 10: With Nikau gone, Bella could be left feeling really sad.

Dean, the only other entity on which she could normally rely, is now on a downward spiral.


Wednesday, February 10: Nikau checks for Ari

He is eager to make sure that the move is still ongoing.

Wednesday, February 10: Tane supports the move, too.

It will encourage Ari and Tane, without thinking about Nikau, to negotiate with their tormentors.

Wednesday, February 10th: Nikau doesn’t leave Home and Away

Kawakawa Fox-Reo, who plays him, is now part of the cast of Home and Away and will leave for a fleeting time only.

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