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Lynne McGranger Talks about her amazing storyline in Home and Away

Irene Roberts, Lynne McGrangers character Home And Away, had very little romantic interest on the long run soap in her time.

That’s too far.

Irene Roberts, character of Lynne McGranger’s (photo) Home And Away, has seen very little romantic interest on long run soaps in her period

On Wednesday, the 68-year-old appeared on Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa show and helped play a devilish joke on the host of the show, Lucy Addario, about the love life of Irene.

Lynne revealed to the hosts of the programme that, in recent years, her character has not gotten much in the way of romantic storylines.

Ada’s character, Leah, who had at least three husbands, two broken commitments and innumerable boyfriends, typically left that job.

As Lynne joked when asked about her character’s love life, “She doesn’t kill her husbands like Leah does.”

Lynne mentioned a potential relationship between Irene and John (played by Shane Withington, pictured right) or Alf (portrayed by Ray Meagher, pictured left).Seven

“Leah is the black widow of the inhabitants. Leah has both her husbands who have died on the mantelpiece,” she quipped.

The owner of the diner has a similar homage in her building, of some kind.

“I have a dead shelf, half-douzen or more, the people who came and stood, that sadly died with me, in my room, in the beach house.”

With this in mind, Lynne agreed to call Lucy along with Fitzy and Wippa and discuss a future romance with John (played by Shane Withington), Alf (Ray Meagher) and even Colin Firth, the actor.

Lynne (left) said that for the character Leah, depicted by Ada (right), love storylines always play out. Instagram

Lynne asked her producer on her cell, and she asked her about it. “So, I was curious about this and we even spoke to Shane about it, I just wondered if there’s some milagro in suggesting that Irene and John’s relationships gets a little awkward and a little bizarre. I wondered whether it was not that much. I asked her on the phone and asked her producer about this.

“Alf and Irene don’t have sex on the sand, of course…but we do want people on to not turn off!” said Lynne jokingly.

She added, “Well, we should only bring Colin Flint into it if it’s not Shane, just dreaming… it’s a joke, Luce.”

Before answering, Lucy took the joke like a real champion: “Be careful what you wish for Lynne!”

This post first appeared on Now To Love, our sister blog.

With her Home and Away maker Lucy, Lynne played a funny prank. Instagram











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