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Home and Away spoilers: Kirby Aramoana and Theo SPLIT!


Theo isn’t making Kirby Aramoana happy on today’s episode of Home and Away (1:45pm on Channel 5). For a complete listing, consult our TV Guide.

When they eventually meet to discuss, she is upset since her boyfriend abandoned her on the Battle of the Bands scouting trip.

Kirby is certain that Theo is putting Andrew’s needs ahead of hers and those of the band. Theo is baffled by her attitude and, sick of constantly picking fights with her, the couple decides to spend the night apart.

Theo advises having a longer break from one another the following day.


However, Kirby is ENSUED! Instead, she advises against taking a break because they are finally over.

spoilers for “Home and Away,” Poulos, Theo

Theo is ready for a break. (Photo courtesy of Endemol Shine Australia)
Kate returns to Salt to see Xander because she feels bad about leaving things the way they are.

During their conversation, she expresses her appreciation for his generosity and for being a good friend to Jamie.


They put their problems aside and enjoy each other’s company.

After the Battle of the Bands reconnaissance, Remi is humming, but he is concerned that Bree is not engaged. She acknowledges that she lost a patient that day when he confronts her about it. The couple accepts that they live in different worlds yet are content together and moves on.

spoilers for “Home and Away,” Ingrid Cameron

When a patient dies, Bree is upset. (Photo courtesy of Endemol Shine Australia)
Mali has returned from seeing his family, so Rose is taken aback when his sister Elandra phones to apologies for her idiotic brother.


Mali still likes Rose, Elandra informs a shocked Rose. He put her in the friend zone, but she won’t budge.

But when Mali learns of his sister’s meddling, he visits Rose, and it is immediately apparent that they are connected. They’re about to lean in for a kiss when Kirby barges in and declares she and Theo are done!

spoilers for “Home and Away,” Delaney, Rose, and Hudson, Mali

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