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Home and Away Colby Thorne’s grisly prison fate is near

Home and Away’s Colby Thorne seems to have met gravely after his associate Willow Harris, who pleaded against him, has been taken to jail for murder.

Home and Away’s Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin), after being accused of the murder of Ross Nixon, look far after the windows.

Since his associate Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) testified against him to stop her friends going to court, the fan favourite was condemned to 25 years in jail for murdering Ross.

The liar of Willow left Bella and Dean heartbroken, with the former fighting behind bars and Colby worrying around.

Willow hastened out of the Bay and left his friends to live with the repercussions of what she did, and Colby’s chance is high.

Colby was sent to jail for the killing of Ross Nixon for 25 years (Image: 5/7 Network channel)

Next week, Bella sees Colby as soon as guests are allowed, and he is upset that Dean has no problem watching Bella when she most needs support.

Bella shakes off tries to wait ahead, remembering that Colby will also appeal his verdict and be free again.

Taylor also goes to Colby in prison and sees that after he is beaten she has a divided lip and gives her links to put him in jail for safety.

Willow sent Colby to jail to try to rescue her friends (Image 5/Seven Network).

He brushes her off, but in jail, is Colby in real danger?

Not just that, Sarah has implied that Colby may be in extreme trouble behind bars and will not have a long career, as it is dangerous to be behind bars as a police officer.

Not just that, there are also reports swirling online that the character would face a grisly ending behind bars as the actor looks likely to leave the show after his incarceration.

Bella was left distraught by being taken to jail by Colby – so is she ready for more heartbreak? (Image: Seven Network/Channel 5)

She told the Daily Star about Willow’s decision: “It’s for the better good in her head, her family has always been number one, with the four of them, it was always all for all and one for one.”

“It feels really like he’s trying to drag both of them down with him.”

“Apart from the fact that neither of them can have Colby in their life, there is also the fact that he is a police officer and something can happen to him in prison,” Sarah said.

“On so many occasions, it’s frightening because these are all the thoughts that went through the mind of Willow before her testimony.”

Wherever Willow is in the country, she’s concerned about what’s going to happen to Colby in jail.

“You’re going to have to watch and see.”

Is Colby set to go behind bars with a grisly ending?

At 1.45pm on Channel 5, Home and Away starts on Monday.

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