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Home and Away’s Sharni Vinson goes for an afternoon stroll with her mother and their dogs on the Sunshine Coast


On Monday, Sharni Vinson, a former star of Home and Away, went for a stroll along the Sunshine Coast with her mother Narelle and their two poodle-mix pups.

The 38-year-old actress, who prefers to keep a low profile these days, donned leggings, sneakers, and a fake baseball shirt with the words “Hate You 2” on it.

She wore her hair in braided pigtails and accessorised with a baseball cap, sunglasses, and an over-the-shoulder handbag.

Her mother wore a sweater, long shorts, cap, sunglasses, sneakers, and a brown purse slung across her chest, all in shades of grey.


When the two visited a neighbourhood drugstore, Sharni was subsequently observed exiting the establishment with a white plastic bag.

One of the dogs felt tired and wanted to sit down at one point during their outing, and Narelle seemed to be struggling with it.

From 2005 to 2008, Sharni played Cassie Turner on the serial series Home and Away, which aired on Channel Seven.

She made her acting debut in the long-running drama when she was only 22 years old.


Summer Bay has been mentioned in passing for some time, but Sharni has not made any official announcements.

She has additionally been on well-known American crime programmes like CSI and NCIS.

In an interview with Heat magazine in 2014, she addressed criticism of her weight about the thinness of her frame.

I’ve always been a really slender girl by nature. I wouldn’t be able to perform what I do physically if I were how I was thought to be, she added.


She said, “Yes,” when asked if she was eating regular meals. If you didn’t, you couldn’t have a schedule like I have. You might even pass out.

At the time, the magazine stated that Sharni “doesn’t go to the gym and instead loves a diet of burgers.”

The Guardians of Justice on Netflix now features the former soap opera star.

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