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Home and Away tonight: Sticky notes don’t get Tane anything but an attractive face lands Nikau a modelling project

Is it true that I’m a model? Channel 7/Channel 7

Tane’s sticky notes don’t get him a job, but Nikau’s pretty face gets him a modelling contract.

Even in Summer Bay, where eating out is abundant, there comes a point where the avocado on toast no longer pays for itself, and a few of the characters realise they need to work.

Bella and Nikau are still buzzing from their triumph as they walk along the beach after their big night in the capital.

Bella flaunts her award around town, but Nik and his flawless skin seem to have left an indelible mark on the city’s power brokers.


He receives a call from a well-known modelling agent who was present at the event the night before, offering him work as a model.

Nik scoffs and dismisses the invitation, more interested in what’s for lunch.

But, since the producers went to such lengths to create this plot, I have a sneaking suspicion that this isn’t the last we’ll hear from this so-called top modelling agent.

Irene fills in for Jas at the surf club, who is supposed to be hiring a new gym manager but isn’t feeling well after her psychopath boyfriend Lewis murdered Tori’s fiancé Budget McDreamy.


Irene enlists John’s assistance for the crucial managerial meeting. Willow arranged a group of “contenders” before she left Summer Bay for a second shot at love with an old flame.

Mia is called in for an interview, which means Tane’s sticky note isn’t going to cut it.

The questioning. Channel 7/Channel 7

John starts to “terrify” Mia, but he quickly excuses himself to pick up the phone, and Irene immediately offers her the job.

Mia returns home to tell the rest of the gang the good news.

Mia saves her bragging face for special occasions. Channel 7/Channel 7

Tane, Ziggy, Ari, Nik, and Bella are all present.

Tane is disappointed because, at whatever age he is — let’s say 30ish — he’s just realised he has some ambition and wanted the gym work.

His arms would have loved working at the gym, but Ari suggests Tane take over Ari’s job to keep it open while he recovers, and he can at least put his arms to good use as a tradie.

Fashion show. Channel 7/Channel 7

I know it’s a film, but the next thing I know, Tane is out the door in his high-vis, ready to start his first shift on site because there are obviously no problems with work sharing and he can start right away.

However, Ziggy’s time as a happy family at the Parata house is coming to an end as he returns to his Mac babysitting duties.

After her miscarriage and complications, Mac is understandably frail, but her attitude seems to be wearing Ziggy down.


And I say apparently because, contrary to the story, Ziggy has only been seen at the Parata house for a few days.

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