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13 upcoming huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Although Nikau fails to embrace Ryder and Chloe’s friendship, Susie makes a dramatic exit.

Susie’s con pays off next week on Home and Away, as she flees Summer Bay with thousands of dollars in stolen currency.

Meanwhile, Nikau is taken aback by the news that Ryder and Chloe are dating, and Dean is determined to please his family.

1. Justin and Leah get the unexpected news.

Since signing over the $90,000 mortgage on their new home, Justin and Leah are looking forwards to a fresh start. As Justin contacts the real estate agent to get the keys, he is informed that the home was not sold to them.


Justin and Leah inform Irene and Marilyn of the perplexing case, finding out that they signed a deal and paid a deposit. Susie, Irene believes, has duped the pair.

2. Justin and Leah confront Susie.

Irene expresses her fears that Susie has defrauded Justin and Leah of their life savings, and Justin and Leah are taken aback. The couple goes to Susie’s house to confront her, but she claims it’s just a small mistake on the part of the real estate agent, and she’ll take care of it.

Willow and Irene do their own research and discover Susie’s photo online, along with another pseudonym – Imogen Simons. Irene is persuaded that ‘Susie’ is a ruthless conwoman with a different name.

3. Irene is attacked by Susie.

Susie is getting ready to flee Summer Bay when the walls close in on her. Her intentions are thwarted when Irene shows up at the Palmer house and accuses her of defrauding Justin and Leah.


Susie is pressed for time and tackles Irene with a chloroformed rag, knocking her unconscious. With Irene unconscious, Susie is about to do a runner with her ill-gotten earnings.

Susie pulls over her car and runs over her own cell, which is full of missed calls from Leah and Justin, to make sure no one will track her down in the future.

4. Alf uncovers yet another con

Susie’s abrupt disappearance has left John, Leah, and Justin stunned. Leah and Justin have wasted their $90,000 deposit, and John has been defrauded with his own money.

Alf and Roo search at the Surf Club archives and find that the proposed surf competition was another of Susie’s scams. All realises Susie was attempting to obtain advertising money under misleading pretences.


John resigns as president of the Surf Club because he can’t stand being a part of the Susie aftermath. Meanwhile, as they struggle with the fact of being conned, Justin and Leah’s friendship begins to deteriorate.

5. John withdraws into himself

Alf and Roo need more detail about the lost sponsorship funds, but they can’t reach John, who has hidden himself away in shame after Susie’s departure.

Marilyn goes to John’s house, but he doesn’t answer the bell. She returns to Alf and Roo, sharing her concern that John might be incapacitated inside the Palmer house as a result of his recent health problems.

The trio works together to break into the house, but it is still empty when they arrive. Jett then calls Marilyn to inform her that John has arrived to spend a few days with him – it seems that answers to the lost money will have to wait.

6. Ryder and Chloe have a conversation about the situation.

Chloe tells Bella about her latest kiss with Ryder and how he’s been cold to her since then. Bella is taken aback when she learns that Ryder has rejected Chloe, rather than the other way around.

When Ryder learns that Chloe thinks he has rejected her, he is taken aback. He makes it clear to Chloe that this was not his intention, which leads to another kiss between the two.


7. Nikau is troubled by Ryder and Chloe’s relationship.

After formally becoming a couple, Ryder and Chloe speculate about how Nikau and Bella will respond. Nikau and Bella notice them hugging before they get a chance to tell them their good news.

Following his observation, Nikau becomes overly jealous of Chloe and disapproves of the new pairing. Nikau only offers to offer his blessing after Bella intervenes – under the condition that Ryder doesn’t screw with Chloe.

8. Bella goes to Willow for answers.

After the Witness X drama that led to Colby’s demise, Nikau urges Bella to allow Willow a chance to explain herself. Bella meets Willow and requests a conversation.

Willow is pushed by Bella to tell the whole story of how she became a primary witness in Angelo’s investigation. Willow shares her side of the story, revealing that she sacrificed Colby because she tried to help Bella and Dean out of jail.

Bella decides to give Willow another shot after more suggestions from Nikau and proposes they hang out together.

9. Dean needs Amber’s assurance.

Dean and Amber have spent the night together after agreeing to rekindle their relationship. When Willow learns, she wants to alert Dean of the potential repercussions if the reunion doesn’t work out. She is concerned that if something goes wrong, Dean will lose access to Jai.

Willow has warned Dean about the dangers of this potential romance, which Amber discovers. Even if their friendship deteriorates, she assures Dean that nothing will improve. Dean is happy, so he invites Amber to live in his room permanently.

10. Tane tries to reunite Ari and Mia

Ari is shocked to hear that Mia remained by his hospital bedside in recent days after waking up from his coma. He reminds Mia that their friendship was still strained prior to the hit-and-run. Mia reveals that after Ari was injured, she realised how much she really cares about him.

Despite the police ensuring that Paul, Leon, and their allies are all in jail, Mia’s main fear is that the Parata family’s gangster rivals are still out there somewhere.

Tane intervenes and attempts to speak with Mia on Ari’s behalf, claiming that the latest gang drama was not his brother’s fault. Mia is persuaded and returns to the hospital, where she tells Ari that she needs to see him again.

11. Dean is feeling the strain.

Dean wants to participate in a forthcoming surf race, which Jai is very excited about. Since the first prise is a family pass to Movie World, Dean has a lot riding on his ability to inspire his son.

Dean is saddened to learn that the match will not take place at all as a result of Susie’s abrupt departure. He decides not to tell Jai about the news because he doesn’t want to disappoint him.

12. After yet another sudden disappearance, Christian lashes out.

Christian’s self-assurance is shaken when another of his patients dies in the ambulance. The surgeon is informed that the hospital will need to examine because a trend seems to be developing. Lewis, Christian’s arch-nemesis who claims to be behind the murders, is overjoyed that Christian’s technical integrity is being brought into question.

Christian runs into Lewis after drowning his sorrows at Salt and punches him. Jasmine and Tori are both shocked when they see the incident.

Tori later has to set her emotional feelings aside when she assures Lewis that it is perfectly legal for him to disclose Christian’s unprofessional behaviour to the hospital.

13. Mackenzie takes a pregnancy decision.

Mackenzie is also undecided on what she can do about her birth. When she steps in on Ziggy singing and dancing around the yard, she thinks she has received a message from the world to direct her decision.

Mac notices Ziggy’s carefree demeanour and realises she wants the same for herself, but she’s not ready to start a family just yet. She schedules an appointment with the clinic for the following week, but she is still eager to keep Ari out of it.

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