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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman to make discovery in Tane Parata baby storyline


In the first-look episode airing on Monday, April 22, Felicity Newman of Home and Away becomes entangled in Tane Parata’s pregnancy plot.

When Felicity finds out that her estranged husband is not being allowed to take in Maia, the baby girl he found abandoned on the beach, as an emergency foster child, she is interested.

The entire first-look footage from the episode, which can be viewed at the top of the page, was released by the show’s executives.

Mali Hudson, Tane’s roommate and friend, is shown being questioned by Felicity over the baby’s current issue in the video.


Despite the police’s public pleas for information, Maia’s parents have not stepped forward since she was discovered on the beach.

Tane has offered to take care of Maia as an emergency carer since she needs one. Having been by Maia’s side at the hospital for a few days now, he already feels a strong bond with her.

As a result of his non-Australian birth and lack of permanent residency documentation, Tane has now been turned down, Felicity informs Mali in their conversation.

“Is that what’s stopping him?” Felicity queries. That’s absurd. He’s a decent, kind guy. What counts is his heart, not his ethnicity.”


Mali responds, “I will not argue.” However, I fail to see any other way out of this.”

Felicity makes her own investigation into the process of applying to be a foster carer as a result of her discovery.

Still feeling bad about their marriage disintegrating because she didn’t want children, she hopes to find a way to make things work for Tane. Is she genuinely motivated by these motives, though?

These scenes will air on 5STAR on Monday, April 22 at 6.30 p.m. on Home and Away. The show may also be seen on Channel 5 on Tuesday, April 23, at 1:45 p.m.


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