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Home and Away spoilers: Susie is about to create a mater plan for Justin and Leah


Susie (Bridie Carter), a trendy estate agent searching for a change after living in Western Australia, has just arrived in the Bay, and it doesn’t take long for John (Shane Withington) to fall in love with her. She deftly works her way into John’s world, moving in with him in the home he used to share with Marilyn (Emily Symons).

She gets to work helping Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) locate their dream house while she sets up sponsors and donations for a surfing competition. However, after visiting the bank, the couple encounters a series of setbacks.

The dejected couple has returned from meetings with a number of lenders who have failed to consider their loan application, citing their position as small business owners as a reason for their inability to be dependable. They decide to realise that their hopes have come to an end, but Susie has other plans.

Susie meets them at the Surf Club and informs them that what they need is a bigger deposit to convince the lenders, and she knows of a private investor who will help them out. Susie leaves to make a phone call while the two discuss it.


Susie’s real personality emerges until she’s out of earshot, as she tells the guy on the phone that she’s got a “lovely pair on the hook” and wants some “support.” Is her friend a legitimate private lender, or is she up to something more nefarious?

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