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Home and Away spoiler: Tane makes contact with Dana


Irene notices that Harper is very distressed and asks Dana what’s wrong. Dana instantly loses it, acknowledging that she should never have trusted Tane in the first place.

Assuring her that Tane is a mature man and that all he did was something he was going to do anyhow, Irene comforts her. Though Dana is somewhat reassured, all she wants right now is any indication that the baby is safe.

After a while, Tane sends her a direct text saying that Dana should stop calling him, but Maia is safe. With her mind whirling, Dana picks up and asks Rose to assist her.

In the meantime, Stevie receives a message from Crystal’s deceased co-star from Death Throes, her ex-boyfriend. He’s gotten in touch with her to inform her that the inquiry into Crystal’s death has concluded. With the help of his law enforcement contacts, Cash tries to expedite the process of finding the solution. That evening, he returns with awful news: it has been determined that Crystal’s death was an accident.


Stevie is upset. She insists that she is currently being pursued by the same person who killed Crystal. She says it’s over with that decision and the fact that the police aren’t giving her any respect. On a whim, she fires Cash, giving in to her depressing emotions, and leaves the house carrying her possessions. Has Cash run out of money?

Leah is being made up for the big day by Irene and Marilyn in another scene, but it’s obvious that she has something on her mind. She keeps worrying even though she keeps saying she’ll let things go and let Justin handle the important preparations.

Leah begins going through drawers and shelves at home against her better judgment. Justin’s plans are all in a folder that she finds. “THE VJ ISSUE” is circled with a large red marker on a sheet of paper.

As things are about to become worse, Justin enters and catches her in the act. About whether VJ won’t be able to attend the wedding, Leah presses him for clarification. Even when there is a hiccup in the preparations, Justin gets irritated with her for not believing in him. Still, he calms her down and sends her on her way. Will everything actually go as planned on the big day? And what’s the problem with VJ?


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