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Home and Away spoilers: affair ‘exposed’, Stevie’s stalker hell and Valerie’s downfall


Next week, Home and Away will premiere.

Following his viewing of Death Throes the previous evening, Cash finds his gut feeling was correct—the number written by the movie’s killer at the moment of death is the same as the one on the back of the picture that Stevie’s stalker sent him.

Cash queries Stevie about any strange happenings involving her fellow cast members. In response, she says jokingly that her co-star Crystal passed away a month ago. Although Crystal’s death was deemed a “accident,” the circumstances surrounding the incident are unclear, and a coroner’s inquest is currently underway.

As it happened, her closest buddy was Crystal. It is highly unlikely that she simply “fell” down a cliff because nothing seemed to be amiss with her in the period of time before her death.


Unexpectedly, the door is knocked on. Cash picks up a suspicious-looking teddy bear that Stevie dismisses as a harmless fan present from inside a package. They had no idea that he was correct when he said that someone or something is observing them. The teddy bear contains a camera.

Cash examines every strand of the enigmatic teddy bear that Stevie received. The needle abruptly catches on something that is stuck within the bear. When Cash pulls the object out, his worst suspicions are realized—it’s a camera and microphone. Cash tells Stevie not to worry and swiftly removes the spyware. But Stevie interprets that as an okay to retreat from the spotlight and attend the premiere that evening.

When it appears that Cash won’t be able to convince her otherwise, they find something quite unsettling. The surreptitious image of Stevie and Cash has previously been shared on social media by an unidentified user, along with the same Death Throes numbers that suggest the moment of death.

Cash tries to cheer Stevie up by assuring her that skipping the premier is the appropriate thing to do, but she seems depressed because it seems like the stalker has won. She confides in Cash, informing him that the entire purpose of her diligent effort was to eliminate her fear and dependency on others forever. Just like she is right now.


In another episode of Home and Away, Theo is approached by Justin and tells a white lie, saying that Kirby’s jealousy was the only reason the blowout Justin saw on the beach occurred. Valerie and Theo are actually dating. After expressing relief, Justin wishes Theo a good night and thanks him for being honest with him.

Theo feels bad, but he doesn’t say anything. The following day, he confesses to Valerie that in order to hide the more difficult-to-accept reality about their drug use, he had to give up the secret of their connection. But instead of showing sympathy, Valerie rushes off, feeling deceived.

Leah thereafter inquires of Valerie whether she ought to think about re-registering with the clinic. Valerie appears to give this some serious thought. Valerie later admits to Theo that her public announcement of having made an appointment was a lie.

Valerie and Theo return home after an exciting night of partying. Theo is tired and ready to relax, but Valerie is clearly unhappy with the stillness as she can’t find anything to take her mind off of her own thoughts.


Theo tells her he thinks he’s falling in love while they are cuddling in bed. Valerie reacts unexpectedly to this, leaping out of bed at once and making an excuse about having to go.

She urges Theo to retract what he said since she thinks she will let him down and is on the edge of losing it. She also expresses her worries that Justin and Leah may throw her out.

Valerie is overwhelmed, but Theo calms her for long enough to take her home. After taking out a few pills, she informs Theo she’s going to take one and puts pressure on him to do the same.

But as soon as Valerie shuts her eyes and lies down, Theo removes the pill from his mouth and throws it away. This is getting out of control, which worries him.

In other news, Eden goes with Remi to his first PT appointment because he has nothing better to do. However, things take a sharp turn when, in a rush, he rushes for the weights and overextends himself, nearly hurting himself badly as his chest constricts.

After returning home with her friend, Eden chastises him, advising him to quit being so obstinate and just head back to the hospital because, at this rate, running into Bree is the least of his worries. Remi, however, begs her to leave him alone and orders her to never, ever call Bree.


Eden is so desperate that he calls Imogen and begs for assistance. Eden brings Levi to Remi, who protests the entire time. After a few checks, Levi advises Remi to calm down and start the PT exercises.

Then Levi admits that he is aware that Remi was recently discarded. Remi is upset with Eden for disclosing the breakup to her brother, but she objects, saying that Eden had to tell him the whole truth. Levi “promises” to send Remi to Reefton Lakes, a hospital farther away where there is little chance of running into Bree, despite Remi’s protestations.

After Remi leaves at last, Eden informs Levi that she senses a problem. Levi hadn’t been home at all, she told Imogen over the phone earlier in the day; in fact, he had been spending the entire week at the Bay.

Eden tells her brother that she took care of things, but she still demands to know the truth. Confronted and unwilling to reveal his relationship with Mackenzie, Levi claims he informed Imogen that he was staying with her and acknowledges that he had lied to them both.

He admits to Eden that he has been staying at a hotel since he “needed the space.” Eden inquires as to if the baby situation is putting any pressure on him. Levi quickly picks this up and nods in agreement.

Following his explanation, Levi expresses regret for entangling her in his mess. Eden expresses her forgiveness while making it plain that he would never again place her in that predicament.

Levi tries to excuse himself later that evening and head back to the hotel, but Eden asks him to spend some time with her so they can bond as siblings. After telling a disgruntled Mackenzie that the plans have changed, Levi nearly makes the same mistake twice.

Unaware Eden gives Levi what she believes to be comforting reassurance as they sit down to a drink: it’s wonderful that he’s taking the time away from Imogen to think about the baby, but he shouldn’t be lying to her. She says that when someone you love tells you something, you should believe them to be true. After telling him that Imogen loves him and would always understand him, Levi feels quite uncomfortable with his conscience.

Later, Bree storms inside the diner, her gun aiming directly at Justin’s head. She unleashes her fury on him for repairing Remi’s motorcycle death trap and bringing it to his front door.

With Xander’s emotional support at home, she manages to calm down a little, but it’s obvious that she’s finding it difficult to be apart from Remi. Finally, she consented to assist John in filming a mock wedding ceremony that included an uncomfortable and reluctant Dana and Xander.

But Bree finds it too much to witness them recite their vows to one another. She tells Xander once more that she is clueless about what to do without Remi.

Tane, meantime, is in shock following the hospital fallout with the journalist. Alf is trying his hardest to help him, and Roo is standing at the infant’s side in his stead.

Tane shakes his head when they mention that he’s already considered being an emergency foster carer and that he can’t as he’s not a permanent resident. Alf is adamant and approaches Rose about dropping the AVO, but she firmly refuses to listen, saying that as soon as Tane touched the journalist, it was out of her control.

Felicity observes, conflicted, the entire exchange between Tane, Alf, and Roo. Tane and Roo sit down together to review the application for permanent residency, pulling at the last shred of hope.

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