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Home and Away spoiler: Tane is arrested over the baby


The situation has become worse; Tane is currently in the news nationwide, and the authorities are requesting any information they may have about the culprit in this kidnapping. Everyone watches in dread as the public nightmare unfolds. Tane recognizes his own face on the news when visiting his cousin’s home with the infant. He phones Mali in a panic, pleading with him to bring his passport.

Tane is not pleased to see Mali arrive with Harper in tow. Mali discloses that he didn’t bring Tane’s passport, saying that Tane ought to just return home and that leaving the nation is absurd. Tane is informed by Harper that they have located the mother, who adores her child and is eager to have her returned.

When Tane hears this, he cannot say what to say. It’s time for him to confront reality, he knows. They head back to the police station with Harper and Mali, making sure the infant is secure. Poppy’s mother and she had a heartfelt reconciliation, during which she swears never to leave her again.

But the happy moment is short-lived when Tane is eventually taken into custody by the police. Later, Harper pays him a solitary visit in his cell, attempting to reassure him that she can secure the greatest legal representation. Tane, though, is serious about facing the consequences of his actions since he has defied the law and abducted a child.


Rose now has to cope with Lyrik being discovered in possession of pills, which is all Theo’s fault. She informs them that their van will be temporarily detained.

Theo passes his drug test. Rose isn’t taking any chances, despite his attempts to convince her that the drugs are entirely his and that Eden and Kirby have nothing to do with it. They must spend the night in the holding cell after she puts them all under arrest. Enraged, Eden phones Levi, the last person she wants to call but the only one who might still be able to help.

When Levi shows up, he saves them. Levi shows Eden that he is there for her, and Eden is so appreciative that the two have a precious sibling moment. As Eden emerges into the parking lot, she witnesses Levi and Mackenzie sharing a kiss, just when it seems like the story will finish happily. Eden labels him a deceitful liar, crushed and betrayed, and storms off. Has Levi finally been held accountable for his actions?

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