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Home and Away spoilers: Wedding drama, police arrest and huge return twist


Fans of both teams should anticipate a lot of drama next week.

In subsequent moments, viewers of the Australian soap opera will witness Justin and Leah’s much-awaited nuptials, when they will formally declare their love for one another in front of their closest loved ones.

After a turbulent five-year romance with James Stewart’s character Justin, Ada Nicodemou’s Leah walks down the aisle towards her love. She is dressed in a traditional white gown.

Over the past year, their friendship has been put to the ultimate test. Leah had a breakdown as a result of the pair’s trauma at the hands of Vita Nova late last year, which put Justin’s life in jeopardy and raised serious concerns about their future. Thank goodness, the couple is back together and has been busy organizing their wedding in record time.


As a result, there will be some surprises along the way, such as John (Shane Withington) being chosen to preside over the happy marriage. A few well-known faces will also be making a comeback during Leah and Justin’s wedding. Leah is unaware of the wedding arrangements because Justin has kept them a secret. She asks Alf (Ray Meagher) to accompany her down the aisle after learning that several of her close relatives won’t be able to attend.

On the actual wedding day, though, she is taken aback when Alf informs her that her son VJ will be walking her down the aisle and that he cannot, after all. As VJ leads the stunning bride down the aisle, all eyes are on her, and Justin is completely taken aback by the sight of his future wife approaching him. With a kiss, the newlyweds begin their wedded life, but will they live happily ever after?

In addition, Tane (Ethan Browne) makes national news when the authorities release a request for information regarding the “suspect” connected to the abduction of infant Maia, who was left abandoned in Summer Bay’s sand dunes many weeks prior. Everyone watches in dread as the public nightmare unfolds. Tane recognizes his own face on the news when visiting his cousin’s home with the infant. He phones Mali in a panic, pleading with him to bring his passport.

Tane is not pleased when he shows there with Harper, but he later confesses that he didn’t have his passport since Tane should just return home and that leaving the nation is absurd. He lacks a strategy and is unable to stay hidden with Poppy (Maia) indefinitely.


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