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Home and Away spoiler: Mali blocks Rose’s investigation


Finally, Baby Maia’s mother has come forward. Harper sets up a meeting for tomorrow between her and Rose. On the other hand, Maia’s mother has no idea that the infant has vanished.

Dana hurries to the police station, horrified and guilty, and makes a report, but the harm has already been done. Rose is furious and extremely stressed out, and she accuses Dana of allowing Tane to take the baby away.

Rose rushes to Tane’s residence in the last possible moment, hoping to either meet him there or at least get hints as to where he might have gone. At home, Mackenzie and Mali are taken aback by what they hear.

Rose is informed by Mac that she is free to examine Tane’s room, but surprisingly, Mali intervenes. He tells Tane that she needs a search warrant if she plans to enter the building and that she has done nothing illegal while he stands in the doorway to defend his companion. Rose is in shock, unable to believe her own boyfriend is impeding the administration of justice.


At last, Maia’s mother returns to the police station. Harper and Rose listen as she shares her tale. Sonia, who goes by Sonia, overheard Rose discussing the necessity of knowing one’s place in the world at the press conference. She also says she’s happy to see her daughter again and that Maia’s real name is Poppy.

Rose rapidly assembles a strategy to buy some time: before they can reunite, they must undergo standard identity checks, DNA testing, and other procedures. Sonia quickly agrees that she’ll do everything to see her child again, thus the plan works perfectly. But how much longer can they continue like this?

As Mac and Levi get back together, Mac apologizes to Imogen for introducing herself. She clarifies that her fears overcame her and that all she really wanted was to get to know the lady Levi went home to. She is reassured by Levi that there is no rivalry.

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