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Home and Away Spoilers – Stevie refuses to head to set


This week on Home and Away in Australia, Stevie refuses to leave the set as filming for All Our Tomorrows gets underway, and Xander takes dramatic measures as Mackenzie and Felicity’s conflict escalates.

She is the lead actress in the upcoming romantic comedy All Our Tomorrows, which is set to start filming in Summer Bay soon. But on the first day of filming, Catherine Văn-Davies’s typically self-assured character Stevie Marlow is nowhere to be seen.

The highly anticipated new film’s director, Mahesh Jadu, played Remi (Andrew Rowland) when she witnessed her ex-girlfriend Bree (Juliet Godwin) kissing her new partner Nelson last week.


Leading lady Stevie had driven Remi to the opulent home where she and Nelson were lodging, but Nelon had another plan. He quickly transported Bree from Summer Bay to their opulent pad on the back of his motorcycle.


If Remi thought witnessing Bree and Nelson sharing a kiss was shocking enough, he was in for the biggest surprise of his life when he witnessed his ex-boyfriend joyfully get on the back of Nelson’s motorcycle.

Remi finds it incomprehensible that Bree is prepared to ride on someone else’s motorcycle because his desire to keep his motorcycle was a big factor in their breakup.

Remi found it extremely tough to watch his ex move on and date someone else. He also realized that he couldn’t continue dating Stevie because most of their hookups ended with them practicing lines together.

Remi broke up with Stevie at the end of last week, telling her icily, “I can’t do this—running lines, giving pep talks.” You are not my boyfriend. I’m leaving.


Later on, Stevie attempted to convince Remi that she wasn’t searching for a partner, but Remi turned her down once more as Stevie attempted to carry on their carefree fun.

After that, Stevie went to Salt with Cash and Eden for drinks. The two were surprised by how fast Stevie was finishing her cocktails.

She shrugged off Cash’s reminder that she had an early start the next morning, telling him she could manage a couple more drinks.

However, Stevie was nowhere to be found the morning All Our Tomorrows’ filming was scheduled to start.


Upon locating her, Cash discovered her sobbing on his couch, telling him she wasn’t acting and wouldn’t be appearing in the movie.

She is unable to leave the house and go to the set because she is experiencing imposter syndrome and is still in shock from the recent event involving her stalker and breakup.

Cash has to try to talk Stevie out of it, get her to sober up, and get her to set on time as she pours herself an early morning glass of wine.

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In the most recent episode of TV Week, Nicholas Cartwright says, “It’s sad to see Stevie unravel and drink her way through her issue.” It’s difficult to view Stevie as anything but a fearless achiever, and I believe Cash sees the best in her, but it also makes her seem more like a real person to him.

Director Nelson is becoming impatient waiting on set. He turns to face Alf (Ray Meagher), expressing his deep personal connection to the movie.


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Why is Stevie squandering their ambitions while she is aware that they are operating on a very limited budget and cannot afford any delays?

Can Stevie arrive to the set?

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