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Home and Away spoiler: Justin confronts Theo at the wedding


Today is Justin and Leah’s big day, but Leah is upset to think that VJ won’t be able to attend the wedding. Just as she turns to face the throng, he unexpectedly emerges from the bushes. As it happens, the “issue” that Justin had noted was actually a straightforward one involving who would pick him up at the airport.

Leah gives her son a big hug, filled of relief and excitement. They approach an adoring Justin while walking down the aisle arm in arm. John proves to be an excellent wedding celebrant, and Leah is ecstatic about all Justin has prepared. Following several tearful speeches and a vow-exchanging ceremony, John officially declares Justin and Leah husband and wife.

Everyone prepares for the celebration following the wedding. Valerie slips off to a corner and offers Theo some narcotics from a bag she has taken out. She is instantly silenced by him, who reminds her that this is his aunt’s wedding.

Justin locates the pair before he has a chance to say anything else. Justin requests that Valerie allow him and Theo some room as she puts the bag away. Then, Justin politely requests that his nephew explain the situation to him. Justin isn’t having it and asks why Theo took money from him to acquire drugs. Theo attempts to act innocent.


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