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Home and Away reveals Roo and Tane’s baby twist in 26 spoiler pictures


Next week, Tane Parata and Roo Stewart will collaborate on Channel 5’s Home and Away, centred around newborn Maia. When Tane is unable to provide emergency foster care for Maia, will Roo step in to take over?

In other scenes, Eden Fowler confronts her brother Levi for deceiving his wife Imogen, while the stalker of Stevie Marlow makes an unsettling move.

Monday, May 6: Cash and Stevie are working together.
He continues to serve as the well-known movie star’s bodyguard.

Monday, May 6: The door is knocked on.
Cash is very cautious.


Monday, May 6: There is a suspicious-looking delivery left behind.

Monday, May 6: A teddy bear is inside the box.
Cash smells a rat, but Stevie thinks it’s just a sweet fan present.

May 6, Monday: Cash looks into the bear.
He wants to know what’s going on.

Monday, May 6: There’s an unpleasant surprise inside the bear.
Cash discovers a secret microphone and camera that the stalker set up.


May 6, Monday: Valerie faces challenges
Rather than disclosing their illicit drug use to Leah and Justin, Theo has told them about their relationship.

May 6, Monday: Valerie is upset that Leah is aware of the truth, but Theo believes that it was a better decision because Justin was growing suspicious of their erratic behaviour.

Monday, May 6: Leah provides guidance.
Seeing that Valerie is having trouble, she recommends that she return to the clinic.

On Monday, May 6, Valerie muses over it.
She considers the idea carefully, but will she act on it?


Wednesday, May 8: Remi’s situation is dire.
He has been exerting too much effort on his PT routines.

Wednesday, the 8th of May: After the car accident, Remi has been recuperating; nonetheless, he is attempting to move too rapidly.

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