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Home and Away reveals road disaster for Ari Parata in 18 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images revealing what’s coming up on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, April 12.

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Ari makes an emotional phone call on Monday, April 12th.

Following Mia’s promise to leave Summer Bay with her, he attempts to contact Chloe.

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Monday, April 12: Ari is unhappy with the result.

Mia holds Ari responsible for Chloe’s kidnapping by Paul and Leon.

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Monday, April 12: Ari’s life is turned upside down.

In a hit-and-run incident, Paul intentionally knocks him down.

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Ari’s life is on the line on Monday, April 12th.

Even if Ari is rushed to the hospital and given emergency care, there are no guarantees that he will recover completely.

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Mackenzie mulls over her options on Tuesday, April 13th.

Mackenzie continues to wonder if she should tell Ari about her pregnancy despite being unaware of Ari’s incident.

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Tuesday, April 13: Dean is a big part of Mac’s decision-making process.

Over the last few days, Mac has confided in her brother.

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Mac’s plans are put on hold on Tuesday, April 13th.

She’s taken aback when she learns of Ari’s tragic accident.

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Tuesday, April 13: Mac seeks Amber’s advice.

Amber was pregnant with Jai at the time, and she wonders if she considered terminating the pregnancy.

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Bella takes a break on Tuesday, April 13th.

She’s been busy helping Nikau at the hospital, where there’s still no word on his condition.

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Tuesday, April 13: Mac inquires about Bella’s health.

Bella and Nikau were both traumatised when they discovered Ari unconscious after the hit-and-run.

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Bella opens up to Mac on Tuesday, April 13th.

It’s been a trying day.

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Mac consoles Bella on Tuesday, April 13th.

She realises that her own predicament will have to be postponed.

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Jai is moving into his new living condition on Wednesday, April 14th.

Dean, Amber, and Bella now live with the youngster at the pier flat.

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Wednesday, April 14: Jai is intrigued by Dean and Amber’s relationship.

He’s found that they don’t sleep in the same bed as his friends’ parents.

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Dean is placed on the spot on Wednesday, April 14th.

He and Amber must delicately clarify that not every family is the same.

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Thursday, April 14th: Amber is hoping they’ve done enough to pique Jai’s interest.

Dean, on the other hand, has been given some fuel for thinking.

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Wednesday, April 14: Dean addresses Amber with candour.

He acknowledges that he is baffled as to why they aren’t together.

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Amber reveals why she’s reluctant on Wednesday, April 14th.

She stresses that she isn’t the only one who will be affected if things go wrong this time.

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