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Home and Away’s Susie McAllister threatens Irene Roberts as her lethal planning continues


Irene is approaching the truth too closely.

For UK viewers, there are spoilers for Home and Away.

Susie McAllister of Home and Away will be using Irene Roberts on UK screens next week.

Susie (Bridie Carter) attempts to ward off Irene, fearful that the Summer Bay stalwart’s interference will jeopardise her plans.


Susie is trying to trick the people of Summer Bay, and she duped John Palmer (Shane Withington), believing that she’s romantic.

In upcoming episodes on Channel 5, Susie takes matters a step further, by duplicating a $90,000 loan on home from Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin Morgan (James Stewart). Susie wants to retain for herself the entire volume.

Susie also thinks of another way to make fast cash by asking locals to sponsor a surf competition, which will help raise money for the Surf Club’s required upgrades.

Susie has devised yet another scheme to steal the entire amount. She dupes John into believing that opening a new bank account to hold the money is a smart idea.


When Susie asks her to get money for the competition, Irene receives a cold reply. It is clear that Irene disdained Susie.

Irene attempts to warn John that Susie is up to something, but he ignores her and instead insists that Susie speak with Irene.

Susie goes over to Irene’s house and accuses her of desiring all of John’s attention.

Susie refused to let her go and threatened Irene and told her she would not be in any way misled.


Irene has had enough and has evicted Susie from her house, but who will John help when he hears about the fight?

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