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13 Upcoming huge Home And Away Spoilers for Uk viewers


For UK viewers, there are spoilers for Home and Away.

Ari’s life hangs in the balance next week on Home and Away, thanks to Paul’s new evil act.

Meanwhile, Dean realises that he needs Amber to be more than an acquaintance, and Christian has doubts about his surgical skills.

Here’s a complete list of the 13 major events coming up.


1. Mac makes a Huge Call

Following their breakup, Mac is still undecided about telling Ari that she’s pregnant with his child. Dean is saddened that his sister is leaning toward silence, but Mac explains that she is considering terminating her job, and Ari will never know.

Just when it seems that Mac has made her decision, Ari expresses his regret for the way he handled her. Mac is moved, and she later informs Dean that she has decided to inform Ari about the baby. Unfortunately, disaster hits before Mac has a chance to do so.

2. Ari is targeted by Tane’s enemies


When Mia shows up at the Parata house to retrieve Chloe’s belongings, Ari realises he may have lost her forever. Mia can’t forgive Ari for Chloe’s latest kidnapping ordeal because she knows the Parata family’s links to illegal activity is to blame.

Ari makes a phone call to Chloe as he mulls over everything he has lost. A car comes out of nowhere and purposefully knocks him down, interrupting the emotional moment. Paul is to blame, as he still has a grudge against the Paratas.

3. Ari is rushed to hospital

By chance, Nikau and Bella come across Ari. After the hit-and-run, he’s knocked out and Nikau and Bella rush to his aid, ensuring that he’s taken to the hospital.


Ari is diagnosed with multiple injuries at Northern Districts and is placed in a medically induced coma with the best chance of recovery. Christian also discovers that Ari has a brain bleed and sends him to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Christian later informs Ari’s loved ones that the operation was successful. Ari will have to stay in a coma for the time being as doctors monitor his condition.

4. Mac and Mia are left in shock

The news about Ari astounds Mac, and her intentions to tell him the truth about the baby are shattered.

Despite the fact that they are no longer together, Dean persuades Mac to visit Ari at the hospital. When Mac arrives at Ari’s bedside, however, she considers the situation too difficult and departs.

Mia, on the other hand, is distraught because she regrets turning her back on Ari before the crash. Mia promises to resolve anything if Ari wakes up from his coma in an emotional scene.


5. Tane and Ziggy are brought back together

As the nervous wait for updates continues, Tane is concerned about Ari’s condition. Tane seeks solace from Ziggy, who recently chastised him for failing to inform her of the teens’ kidnapping.

Tane admits to Ziggy that he is responsible for Ari’s death, acknowledging that his poor life decisions have contributed to this. He also acknowledges that his acts have shattered their relationship just when it was beginning to blossom.

Tane’s candour is admired by Ziggy, who acknowledges that she may have overreacted. The couple is reunited at the end of the novel.

6. Christian starts to doubt himself

After Lewis’s allegations about Anna’s death, Christian is having a career crisis, as he doubts his own abilities. He notes Marilyn’s clumsiness around the Diner and becomes fixated on the fact that he may have overlooked anything after her recent fall.

Tori tries to persuade Christian to stop being so silly, but he refuses. Marilyn is worried about Christian’s actions, as he constantly asks her about her health and how she is feeling.

Tori advises Christian that if he continues in this manner, it will be detrimental to his future in the long run.

7. Chloe kisses Ryder

As Chloe spends time with Ryder after the abduction drama, she expresses her appreciation for his assistance when they were stuck in the shipping container. When Chloe kisses Ryder, he is taken aback.

Chloe suggests they talk about what happened the next day, but Ryder keeps his composure and downplays the kiss. This backfires because Chloe concludes that Ryder isn’t interested in her.

Ryder struggles with how to approach the situation as things calm down and attempts to confide in Alf. Alf is enraged, and he has little time for Ryder’s romantic misadventures while Martha is still in the hospital.

8. Dean realises he has feelings for Amber

Jai interrogates Dean and Amber about their unusual family structure, asking why his parents don’t share a room. Amber kindly explains to Jai that every family is unique, and that not all parents share a romantic relationship.

Dean is taken aback by Jai’s remarks and admits to Amber that he doesn’t understand why they aren’t together as a proper couple. Amber implies that Dean also has a lot to prove, noting that she isn’t the only one who might be hurt if something goes wrong this time.

9. Irene has upsetting news for Martha

Martha shows up at Irene’s house after being released from the hospital. She is still convinced that her latest hallucinations of Kieran were genuine, and she seeks reassurance from Irene, who had previously supported her delusions.

Irene reluctantly admits that she didn’t see Kieran at all, but that she didn’t want to contradict Martha, so she didn’t say anything. Martha is shocked by the news and begins to recognise that she needs assistance.

10. Kieran reappears

Alf is adamant that Martha recover at home rather than remain in the hospital for longer. Everyone else, including the hospital staff, thinks this is a horrible idea, but Alf refuses to listen to anyone.

Later, Martha discovers Kieran waiting for her inside her caravan as she is about to dump his belongings. Is it true that this isn’t a figment of her imagination this time?

11. Susie cons Leah and Justin

Susie is told by Leah and Justin that they have been unable to obtain a mortgage for their dream house. Susie recommends they speak with a private lender and provides contact information for one she knows. The couple is overjoyed, blissfully unaware that Susie is attempting to defraud them of their money.

After being duped into believing their loan has been approved, Leah and Justin offer Susie their initial $90,000 as a down payment on their house.

Susie also persuades John to organise a fundraiser for the Surf Club’s renovations, which appears to be yet another easy way for the cunning schemer to get her hands on some cash.

12. Susie threatens Irene

Susie goes a step further by duping John into allowing her to open a separate bank account for all of the fundraising funds. She then makes her way around the Bay, begging locals to fund her upcoming surf competition.

Irene becomes more wary of Susie and attempts to warn John that she is not who she appears to be. Susie lashes out by going to Irene’s house and threatening her.

13. Willow gets some help over Bella

After a recent squabble, Willow is able to mend her relationship with Ziggy. They discuss the latest Witness X drama, and Ziggy expresses her support for Willow, telling her that betraying Colby was the right thing to do.

Even Bella, Ziggy predicts, will forgive Willow in the end. Willow is unsure, but Ziggy is on hand to devise a strategy for them to rekindle their relationship.

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