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Home And Away favourite Justin’s life is is in seriously dangerous situation after he suffers a shock overdose


Justin realises he’s gone too far.

In this week’s heart-pounding episodes of Home And Away, Justin’s life is on the line after he unintentionally overdoses on painkiller drugs.

The health problems that Justin (James Stewart) is suffering from can be traced back to a near-fatal surfing crash that has left him in excruciating pain.

Justin increased the amount of pills he was taking in order to be ready for the upcoming Summer Bay surfing contest. However, he now finds himself supplying an ever-increasing demand for drugs.

Justin’s discomfort and medication are causing Leah concern. (Seventh Channel)

Justin is very excited to compete in the surf competition and is feeling much better after taking the pain medicine, James, 45, tells TV WEEK.

However, just before he enters, his back flares up again, prompting him to take more medicine because he realises the agony will be too excruciating to compete without it.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend Leah (Ada Nicodemou) has been too preoccupied to note Justin’s predicament.

Leah has been obsessively monitoring the fraudster’s trail of devastation after she and Justin’s life savings were cruelly stolen by swindler Susie (Bridie Carter).

Justin’s suffering becomes unbearable. (Seventh Channel)

When Justin fails to show up for his competition heat, Leah becomes concerned. She runs home to see a clammy Justin writhing in pain after taking too much painkiller.

Justin realises he’s overdone it as he lays on the floor, James says. However, he is desperate to reclaim his identity.

Justin is in a lot of trouble because he can’t see or think clearly. When Leah attempts to persuade him to go to the hospital, he becomes enraged and snaps at her.

Will Leah be able to get Justin the support he so desperately needs before it’s too late?


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