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Laura McDonald and JR Reyne is back in the Summer Bay family as the first teaser for their arrival drops


Grounded, says the narrator. Kindness. People with abilities.

Last week, fans of Home And Away were ecstatic to learn that the show would be bringing two newcomers to Summer Bay.

Following the departure of Sarah Roberts and Tim Franklin, the introduction of new characters played by Laura McDonald and JR Reyne provides a much-needed burst of energy.

As they prepare to appear on screen this week, the cast is already rejoicing.

Greetings from the Bay! (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

Sam Frost, who plays Jasmine Delaney on the soap, posted a warm welcome to Laura and JR on Instagram over the weekend.

We welcome these two angels next week on Home And Away, she started.

Well-grounded. Kindness. Humans with abilities. What a lovely addition to our H&A family.

Patrick O’Connor, who plays Dean on the show, also shared a playful look at newcomer JR, and the two actors share a striking similarity.

JR could easily be mistaken for Patrick’s twin. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

Although Paddy posted a photo of JR holding a pint, JR shared a photo of his co-star doing the same, with the caption “My real bro/twin.”

Patrick’e persona With the arrival of Mackenzie (played by Emily Weir), Dean has already seen a surprising sibling storyline, but considering the dynamics of his friendship with his estranged father, another mystery sibling could appear at any time.

We now know Laura and JR will play characters Sienna and Emmett, and will be part of Nikau’s modelling plot, thanks to the first look at their arrival this morning.

It’s like staring in the mirror. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

JR has starred in famous Australian soaps such as Winners & Losers, The Secret Daughter, and Neighbours.


Taj Coppin, the 35-year-old Erinsborough High School hunk and football team captain, was a standout from 2002 to 2004.

Taj’s storyline with Delta Goodrem, who famously played Nina Tucker on the soap, was one of the show’s most unforgettable.

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