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Check out the new look of the show as the bay meets the big city


When Summer Bay meets the big city, Home and Away takes on a whole new look.

It’s all about the lights, the glitz, and the action.

Home and Away, Australia’s most famous drama, takes to the runway to explore the fast-paced and glamorous world of modelling and photography.

Prepare to be enticed into the worlds of fashion, fame, and riches by Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Bella (Courtney Miller).


Nikau’s life is turned upside down when a modelling agent, Sienna Blake (Rose Riley), charms him by promising him that he will be the next big thing – and that she will do whatever it takes to get him.

Bella, Nikau’s girlfriend, is given the chance of a lifetime to work alongside Emmett Ellison (J.R.Reyne), a talented photographer, but life behind the lens isn’t what she expects.

Laura McDonald and Kawakawa Fox-Reo (Nikau) from Home and Away (Allegra). Credit: Seven Network/Jeremy Greive

Nikau is put to the test when he tries to conquer this new terrain as he learns he has to work with the sultry and scandalous model Allegra Freeman (Laura McDonald).

Home and Away will delve into topics of body image from both a female and male viewpoint, as well as the stresses of social media and influencer culture, behind the fancy dresses and flashing lights.


Nikau and Bella are in for a wild ride as they walk a fine line between loyalty and fame, putting their relationship to the test and challenging their core values. Anything is possible in this universe, but at what cost?

On Channel 7 and 7plus, Home and Away airs Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m.

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