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Home and Away Death sparks further suspicion over Christian Green Is he right with Lewis?


Home and Away spoilers follow from shows in Australia, which could be missed by some UK audiences.

With Newcomer Lewis Hayes claiming that he’s a threat to its patients, Home and Away have delved into Christian Green’s history on Australian screens this week.

After becoming involved with Tori Morgan, the surgeon happily settled in Summer Bay life, but it seems after an event in the past that he is in a major dispute with Lewis.

Introduced as ancient flamingo by Jasmine Delaney, Lewis (Luke Arnold) blames Christian for the death of Anna, his partner.


When she was injured in a disgusting car wreck, Christian (Ditch Davey) once treated Anna. Her first operation seems to have been a success, but when Christian left work during the day, she turned unexpectedly to the worst and died.

Lewis was still persuaded that Christian was negligent to some degree, but at the time his fears were not taken further.

Lewis continued working at the North Districts Hospital and promised to keep a close watch on Christian if he slips away again in Australia’s Channel 7 episodes this week. This week.

He’s under investigation, since Lewis from the past doesn’t remember, Christian has no clue.


True enough, after a patient died unexpectedly after Christian completed his procedure, alarm bells began ringing for Lewis.

Jasmine pointed out that any variety of causes may have caused this disaster, but Lewis was not persuaded. Is he right to be suspicious of Christian, or is he making him look for someone to blame for his unresolved grief?

In three weeks’ time, Home and Away viewers in the UK can see these scenes on Channel 5.

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