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Wedding bells! Home and Away star Sam Frost confirms her engagement to her new boyfriend Jordie Hansen after just FIVE months of dating

After only five months of dating, Sam Frost and her new partner, Survivor star Jordie Hansen, are engaged.

The 33-year-old Home and Away actress shared the good news on her brand-new podcast on Thursday.

Back in May, Jordie proposed to the stunning Bachelorette as they were travelling from the Northern Territory to South Australia.

We recently got engaged, and to celebrate we thought, let’s hit the road, let’s go on a 14-day road trip,’ Sam said to her listeners at the start of her podcast.

Jordie, 26, continued, “We were at Uluru, we had just finished breakfast, and we were about to travel back down south.”

I questioned Sambo, who had just received her coffee, “Hey, when would you say yes to getting married?”

I answered, “Pretty much anytime from now,” Sam added.

I interpreted that as “I’m going to do it this afternoon,” Jordie continued.

The Australian Survivor: Blood V Water actor described how he attempted to hurry his fiancée to Coober Pedy in time for the memorable occasion.

After setting up the camera in what I believed to be the ideal position when we arrived, Sambo turned around and said, “I know exactly what you’re going to do here.”

Sam claimed that up until she saw Jordie setting up a camera in the rear of the car with “tears in his eyes,” she “had no clue” what was about to happen.

“It was lovely.” She remembered that he was trembling a lot and couldn’t sit down.

Due to my anxiety, I can’t recall much of it. I was attempting to communicate while trying not to cry. I seem to have said something to the effect of, “We enjoy jokes, but this isn’t one of them, baby. This is a major matter, “Jordie continued.

When a picture of Sam wearing a ring on her wedding finger at a hen’s party went viral on social media last month, it fuelled engagement rumours.

Sam returned to Melbourne to live with Jordie last month, and now we have some wonderful news.

At the time, she told the Herald Sun, “We have taken the next stage and it’s lovely.”

“I’m very joyful. It’s wonderful to be able to travel once more.

Sam expressed her happiness about returning to her hometown and her anticipation of landing “more acting” gigs.

She continued by saying that things with the 26-year-old Australian Survivor contestant were “doing nicely.”

Through her younger brother, Alex Frost, who also appeared on Australian Survivor, the former Bachelorette got to know Jordie.

When the two went on a vacation down the New South Wales coast in April, she announced their romance on Instagram.

Later that month, the former radio personality was compelled to refute rumours that the couple had broken up.

She shared a text message she had received from a pal who had written: “Yo yo yo – how are you my love?” on Instagram. Are everything okay? I noticed that you and Jord split up on my news app, so I simply wanted to see if that was true or just a hoax. Xx.’

Sam responded with a picture of Jordie and her curled up in bed.

The actress first gained notoriety on the romance programme The Bachelor in 2014, when Blake Garvey picked her as his winner before ditching her in favour of Louise Pillidge.

The following year, she went on to win the title of Bachelorette by selecting Sasha Mielczarek as her chosen suitor. Before ending their relationship, they dated for 18 months.

The reality star has experience entering partnerships because Jay Bruno ended their romance last November after a few months of dating because he “couldn’t see a future” with her.

Prior to Jay, Sam was in a three-year relationship with naval diver Dave Bashford, which ended after Sam said she put her work before romance.

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