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Home and Away star Emily Symons addresses the unexpected reaction of Marilyn to John’s latest relationship.


Home and Away spoilers ahead for UK audiences.

Marilyn Chambers actress Emily Symons shone some light on the reaction of her character to the latest Susie McAllister affair with ex John Palmer in Home and Away.

John has begun to get to know Summer Bay newcomer Susie in the soap’s Australian show, who has taken a shine to him, but these scenes won’t be out for another three weeks on UK soil.

You would think that in the coming shows, the green-eyed beast would raise its head, when John and Susie really kick on with their relation, but obviously, Marilyn is not at all fazed.


“In an interview, Symons said Now to Love: “She was surprised… where did John meet this fancy girlfriend? There’s so much enthusiasm in the Bay, that John and his new love interest ultimately don’t bother Marilyn too much.

For the next 12 months, the star went on to show what viewers might expect from Marilyn.

“We will see Marilyn as Roo and Mr’s help nett. Stewart, her parents. Marilyn even gets engaged with Ryder and the other young cast with some nice stuff,” she said.

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