Thursday, March 30, 2023

The newest star of Home & Away reveals that she failed four auditions

Life in Summer Bay is anything but straightforward and the journey to the drama-filled beachside, as it turns out, is just as trying. At least, that’s what Sam Barrett, the new addition to Home & Away, claims.

Over the years, Australia’s favourite Home & Away soap has seen a multitude of faces roaming Summer Bay. And while a few familiar faces who have made a dramatic exit have been known to call back the famous show, there is still some fresh talent ready to walk the sandy shores.

None other than 21-year-old actress Sam Barrett, who made her debut on Thursday night’s soap episode as Chloe Anderson, daughter of fellow newcomer Mia (Anna Samson), is the latest beach babe to book a gig at the Bay.

But joining the ever-growing cast, according to Sam, wasn’t smooth sailing.

Speaking to Perth Now, Sam disclosed that it was always her dream to score a spot on the popular Aussie TV show.

“It was a goal of mine to be on the show,” she told the publication.

But, like any successful tale of success, there are still some challenges that one has to conquer. And, for Sam, four failed auditions took the shape of those obstacles.

I’d actually auditioned (before) for Home & Away,”I’d actually auditioned for Home & Away (before),” “This role, it was the fifth character I’d auditioned for.”

“That’s my favourite part about working on the show, everyone’s always willing to help you as a new actor.”


This is not the first time, of course, that we’ve seen Sam on our screens. Not only did the model feature on the 2019 ABC drama The Heights, the new Summer Bay import was snapped on set sharing a pash, played by Lukas Radovich, with none other than Bay boy Ryder.

Sam packed her bags when she was born in Perth and moved to Sydney, where the iconic soap was filmed. Looks like she’s locked in and ready to head to the Bay for an eventful stint.

We, for one, are happy to enjoy all the drama on the beachside.

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