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Home and Away reveals another Shocking twist in colby Thorne’s jail storyline


More bad news is received by Bella and Dean.

Home and Away spoilers follow from Australian episodes that may want to be missed by some UK audiences.

For Colby Thorne behind bars, Home and Away has pointed at further trouble.

The new Australian episode of the show confirmed that Colby (Tim Franklin) had been implicated, just days after being brutally attacked, in another prison incident.


Last week, Colby struggled for his life after being assaulted by other prison prisoners who had learned he used to be a cop.

Colby’s younger sister, Bella Nixon, was alarmed to learn in Wednesday’s episode on Channel 7 in Australia (February 10) that he might become a priority again.

After some more time in the prison’s infirmary to recover, Colby was released back into the main prison, with the same men who had assaulted him earlier.

Bella (Courtney Miller) was concerned about the continuation of history, with the party possibly taking the chance to finish him off.


Bella later set out for another visit to the jail, excited to see how Colby was doing.

Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor), Colby’s best pal, reluctantly joined her for a visit, but when they arrived, they were all denied entry.

One of the prison guards explained, as a furious Bella pressed for answers, that Colby was in solitary confinement and did not accept visitors that day.

He added that there had been another incident, but declined to reveal any more information, much to the annoyance of Bella. What happened with Colby?


In three weeks’ time, Home and Away viewers in the UK can see these scenes on Channel 5.

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