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Home and Away confirms three new aims for scheming Susie McAllister


In the following series, her subtle behaviour becomes even more pronounced.

For UK and Australian audiences, there are spoilers ahead.

Susie McAllister would continue to con Leah Patterson-Baker and Justin Morgan, as well as harass Irene Roberts, according to Home and Away.

Susie (Bridie Carter) has been on a charm offensive since arriving in Summer Bay, but she has a hidden agenda.


Susie has also been seen snooping through John Palmer’s financial reports since they began dating.

Susie’s next move is teased in a new promo played at the top of this list, in which she appears to be attempting to con Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) out of their savings.

Leah and Justin want to purchase a house together, but despite holding bank sessions, they have been unable to obtain a mortgage.

Susie will propose a potential solution to this dilemma in future shows, leaving the pair overjoyed – but not everything is as it appears.


“I’ve got a lovely pair on the hook,” Susie boasts over the phone to a cryptic touch.

Although Leah and Justin never say anything derogatory about Susie, not everyone agrees in Summer Bay.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) tries to articulate her concerns about Susie’s actions in new videos, revealing that she has a poor feeling about the manipulative novice.

At the end of it, Susie and Irene have a showdown. Is Irene going to live to lament Susie’s development being obstructed?


“I knew from the start that John was going to be played and we needed to do the story right,” Shane Withington, who plays John, told Digital Spy recently.

“The storyline is interesting, fun and challenging in the beginning, but soon turns it into a tragedy. It’s a perfect track line that continues for a long time to deliver.

“The writers have always done a decent job to compare it to any of the other stories.”

Next week’s latest Susie drama will be shown in Australia and Channel 5 in the UK on Home and Away in approximately one month.

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