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Home and Away Spoilers – Christian is asking Tori to marry him!

As Tori and Justin continue to bicker about his proposal for Christian to move in with them on Home and Away in Australia this week, Christian surprises Tori with a proposal of his own!

For Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee), as she helps her brother Justin (James Stewart) during his cancer scare, it’s been a whirlwind for a few months. However, what she did not expect to be part of the bargain was to end up falling for the neurosurgeon of Justin, the dishy Dr. Christian Green (Ditch Davey).

As has been the case over the years with some of the hottest couples from Summer Bay, Torian (as fans have called them) did not start out on the best of terms, with Tori taking offence at the casual and slightly arrogant way of Christian on his arrival back in September at Northern Districts Hospital.

Yet there was undeniable underlying sexual tension between the pair, and it did not take long for them to give in to their temptations.

So far, their coupling has not been without its difficulties, with the two butting heads creating friction over Justin’s treatment as well as Tori’s strained association with Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost). However, Christian has recently taken the decision to settle down, as the relationship has continued to improve.

As much as he wants to travel the globe in his incredibly successful career, meeting Tori has altered his perspective on life, and when he declared that he wanted to move to Summer Bay permanently, she was taken aback. Tori was initially worried about the transfer, worried that if he grows bored of Summer Bay life, or of her for that matter, Christian may come to regret his decision!

Soon, however, Christian put Tori’s mind at ease, and so he started the process of taking care of his affairs in the city while looking for a place to live.

Tori and Christian met with local real estate agent Susie McCallister (Bridie Carter) last week to look at some properties, which set some tongues wagging as individuals started to leap to the conclusion that they would move together to a place.

Tori was eager to remedy this, but was then shocked to discover that Christian had explicitly demanded child-friendly assets. He clearly imagined Tori and Grace’s daughter spending a lot of time there, but Tori was still briefly spooked by this.

“Christian adored Grace from the get-go, and he made no secret of wanting to play a part of her life,” Penny told TV Week. He takes care of her very comfortably, always jumping in to help feed or care for her while Tori works. It is sweet to bear witness.

Ultimately, none of the properties offered by Susie were considered sufficient, and Justin then threw a cat among the pigeons by proposing to Christian that he would move into the Morgan house with them! Justin, who loved the idea, immediately took Tori to task by telling him that she was not ready for that.

With Justin being rushed back to the hospital with back pain this week, Tori eventually has him cornered when she tells him again that it’s up to her to decide to welcome Christian to their house.

Justin is obviously pining for some male household business, and tries to get Tori to tell them that she doesn’t really want Christian to move in with them. As she attempts to respond, Tori is flustered, and makes a fast exit.

But Christian was fascinated by Justin’s suggestion. Tori reveals to Christian the next day, as Tori and Christian walk along Flat Beach with the sun setting, that she is more than content with where they are at that moment.

And though Christian is too, by asking Tori to marry him, that does not stop him from deciding to take a huge move!

When Christian proposes, Tori is surprised,” Penny continued.” They were together for such a short time, so she didn’t expect it. But, of course, after the shock wears off, she says yes!”

Last year, Tori and Christian’s engagement first came to light when fans spotted scenes being shot at Palm Beach, which reportedly saw Leah and Justin throwing a party at Salt for the couple.

Cupid’s arrow also seems to have reached John Palmer (Shane Withington) suddenly elsewhere in Summer Bay this week, after crossing paths with Susie at Salt as she prepared to meet Christian and Tori.

While it was just the shortest of moments, there seemed to be a spark between the two, and she turned on all the flattery when she asked about the gym when she bumped into him again later, commenting that he looked like someone who worked out.

She wanted to know more about the place, with Susie struck by the beauty of Summer Bay, and John was only too happy to comply with his expert knowledge of the area.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) watched Susie listen to John’s tales as she ended up back at the diner for a beer.

Susie had to apologise for taking a phone call, but immediately invited John out that evening for dinner.

Bridie told TV Week, “She’s a woman who knows what she wants, so when she sees it, she goes for it and does not apologise.”

Irene was over the moon to see John go out on a date, having spent an evening with John herself recently, as she tried to cheer him up and give him advice after his online dating failure.

John was flummoxed when he tried to reassure her that Susie wasn’t interested in him like that, but when Irene told him that no woman was interested in Summer Bay’s bush ranger’s past, he soon came to the realisation that Irene was right, he had a date!

John takes Susie out for dinner at Salt this week when we pick up the action, but he quickly finds himself out of his depth and makes an emergency phone call to Irene for her assistance.

John pleads for her to come to Salt to join them, and she does, but she’s not too impressed with Susie, so Irene takes a seat at the table.

Will John’s nerves ruin things between Susie and him before they even start?

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