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Watch Some of The Intimate romance between Tori And Christian from Home and Away


There have been several wonderful love stories in Summer Bay, but few give us Tori and Christian’s warm and fuzzy stories.

After a very tumultuous few years of IVF fighting, a fractured heart and the loss of her daughter’s fiance, Robbo, it felt like our resident doctor was coming for a loooooong time (played by Jake Ryan). We’re not just the people who felt for Tori.

Penny McNamee, who plays the doctor, revealed to TV WEEK that she spoke to the show’s creators about her dire love life.

It was time for Tori to have a good love interest, so I told the writers,


It’s time Tori had a good interest in love, so I told the writers, “He needs to be a kid, an adult who has his life together, and they’ve done a wonderful job writing the character,” Penny, 37, said. They sure delivered!

“Ditch [Davey, who plays Christian] and I have a lot of faith in each other, which encourages the stories to come through.”

The fans were completely enthusiastic about romance, like us.

I’ve got people stopping me in the street and chanting, ‘Oooh, Tori and Hot Doc! ‘[Laughs only]. I haven’t had that kind of reaction before, so it’s good to hear people like it.


Despite getting off to a somewhat uncomfortable start, the appeal between the pair was evident from day one.

And, with any of Penny’s additional clues, we’re sure a proposal could be imminent.

The sun is far from reality off the screen, while the pair are practically sizzling on the screen.

In an appearance on Sunrise, Penny revealed, “It’s two minutes on television, but you’ve been shooting it for over an hour or so… there’s a lot of effort going into a scene like that,”


First off, before we go on, there’s a lot of talking between us. “And she said, “And Ditch was nice to talk to me about what I was okay with, what our two shortcomings were.

As a result, the actors have developed a profound faith and friendship.

We are reviving Tori & Christian’s greatest moments, below.

The doctors clashed about the right form of treatment for Tane when he was rushed to the hospital, getting off to a poor start.

Who would miss the cringe moment when Tori went in for the kiss when Christian reached for an elevator button.

By confessing without noticing she had the hots for the new doc in front of him, Tori then overcame the embarrassment.

“Tori is a rule-follower and has been all her life,” Penny disclosed about Tori’s unintended kiss. So she needs to jump and not care about the repercussions,’

The heat that comes from our phones can be sensed!

Christian and her daughter blend into Tori’s life effortlessly.

“As people meet later in life, they know what they want and things will progress easily, as Tori and Christian have,” Penny joked about a possible proposal. “Hold tight, boys, to your hats! ”

In its 2021 broadcast promo, a proposal is just what the show teased!

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