Friday, March 31, 2023

Watch the new home and away teaser which reveals a major story line about Heath braxton

”The arrival. The kiss. The return.”

We certainly don’t need to remind you that the week you’ve been hoping for has finally arrived – the return of the 2021 season from Home And Away.

Channel Seven has dropped a juicy preview for all the action that is arriving tonight and the rest of the week, only being one night into the four episodes scheduled to drop this week.

They sure mean it when they say “brace yourself”.

“The Arrival-The Kiss-The Return-is all the suspense you need right now in your life,” the caption to the teaser reads.

The Arrival

The cast is followed by Bridie Carter as Susie. (Seven-Channel)

This is none other than the icon of Aussie TV, Bridie Carter, better known for her appearance in McLeod’s Daughters as Tess.

It is easy to see Bridie’s character, Susie, make some serious advances on John, but is she truly interested in the stalwart character or is there anything more dangerous at play?

It’s one of the best roles that I’ve ever played,” Bridie told TV WEEK recently.”

Susie is so interested and trusting about who she is. Playing with Shane was so much fun, and I had a blast playing out this plot.”

The Kiss

Things between Tane & Ziggy are also heating up. (Seven-Channel)

We’re all going to say that, and we’re Team Tane.

Sorry Dean, we just can’t get enough of the steamy chemistry between Ziggy and the hunky newcomer.

Tensions are also at an all-time high following a heated night together in last year’s finale. Tane is just making his thoughts very clear this year, planting a kiss straight on Ziggy in public.

Only something to think about for you,” says Tane Cooly.”

Somebody’s tossing a bucket of water at us and we need to calm off.

The Arrival

The actual time we were all hoping for. (Seven-Channel)

River Boy Heath Braxton alias Dan Ewing’s return was Summer Bay’s worst hidden secret.

It doesn’t make it any less thrilling, even though we knew it was coming.

In this trailer, we get the first decent glimpse of the highly awaited return of the favourite.

In order to help Tane and Ari with their blackmailers, The River Boy was called to the area.

Who the heck are you?” asks one intimidating gang member as Heath gets all gorgeously brooding from a truck.”

Heath Braxton and you muppets,” he replies, “are on River Boy turf.

Hot damn, it’s on, and we’re pumped about that.

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