Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Sarah Robert in An Exclusive Conversation Brief about Willow Harris’s Decision to leave

Home and Away Star Sarah Roberts spoke about Willow Harris’ decision to temporarily say goodbye to Summer Bay.

In Monday’s first-look episode at 5STAR, Willow decided to abandon her testifying against Colby Thorne in the midst of a major backlash (Tim Franklin). The good news, though, is that she hasn’t left for good.

Willow was the enigmatic Witness X who made a damning accusation about Colby. She also reported him confessing to the murder of Ross Nixon and took evidence against him to court.

Although Willow claimed that she was doing the right thing for her River family, Colby’s sister Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller) and her best friend Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) were unable to forgive her.

Sarah explained, “Dean and Bella can’t find it inside themselves to forgive or even accept what Willow has done. Willow was like a sister to them, and she has ripped their families apart.

“Willow wanted to leave the Bay afterwards because Dean and Bella had ostracised her and could not find it inside themselves to forgive her or even listen to what she had to say.

“This is huge for Willow. She’s always been so loyal to the family.

“It would be nice to see a rekindling of her friendship with Bella and Dean, whether that be over the phone or FaceTime when years have passed. Or perhaps Dean or Bella will go and find her, or perhaps she may return to the Bay?”

Willow hasn’t even returned to Home and Away on Australian screens yet, so we’re not going to see her again in the next few weeks. Yet show bosses have indicated that she hasn’t quit the show and will be returning at some point.


Producer Lucy Addario recently told TV Week, “Although she felt she was doing the right thing to save Dean from going down for Colby’s mistake, she’s going to come back and try to make things right.


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