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Home and Away is Back and it Shows The Clear Dramatic Plot for Colby Thorne

Home and Away aired their first episode of 2021 in Australia today (February 1) – and it was a stressful moment for Colby Thorne’s loved ones as his life hung in the balance.

Last year, the final episode of 2020 ended on a cliffhanger as Colby (Tim Franklin) found himself surrounded by dangerous prisoners in jail. After learning that Colby used to be a police officer, the group of gangsters were out for vengeance.

In the opening season of 2021, Colby received emergency medical attention on-site before rushing to Northern Districts Hospital for more assistance.

Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) was horrified to see her friend in such a poor condition and defied the procedure by tilting Colby’s sister Bella Nixon and Dean Thompson’s best friend about what was going on.

Colby’s future remained unclear as there were no immediate signs of his regaining consciousness.

Bella (Courtney Miller) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) were terrified of the worst, but they were only given a few minutes at Colby’s bedside after Jasmine found a way for them to sneak into the hospital.

Later, Bella and Dean had a serious talk about the situation and seemed to be on entirely different pages.

Although Bella was optimistic that Colby would make a full recovery, Dean grimly argued that Colby would continue to be attacked in jail even though he survived that particular attempt on his life. In Dean’s view, either way, his friend was already a dead guy.

As Bella was busy investigating jail wings, Jasmine was relieved as Colby eventually recovered consciousness at the hospital.

Is life behind bars going to change for Colby, or is Dean right about him still in terrible danger?

Home and Away viewers in the UK will be watching these scenes on Channel 5 later this month.

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