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9 Huge spoilers of Home and Away that you don’t want to miss for Next Week

As Dean’s actions takes a troubling turn, next week’s Home and Away episodes see Ziggy and Tane grow closer, while Martha drops a bombshell on Alf.

Elsewhere, Tori is afraid of Jasmine going back to her old tricks. Will the recent development in their relationship destroy this?

Here’s a complete list of nine amazing moments to come.

Tane must come to the rescue of Dean

Dean pays Ziggy’s house a drunken visit and begs her to take him out. Ziggy makes it very clear that this is not going to happen, as she can still not forgive Dean for his role in the cover-up of the Ross murder.

In his car, a heartbroken Dean drives off, leaving Ziggy worrying about the potential repercussions of his drink-driving. As she looks for Dean, Ziggy hires Tane to join her.

When they finally find Dean, slumped at the wheel after an incident on the lane, Ziggy and Tane are surprised. He doesn’t get sick, so Tane takes him home to sleep away from him.

Tensions between Tane and Dean are mounting

He regrets his actions when Dean wakes up the next morning, but focuses once again on trying to win Ziggy over. Tane decides to step in to warn him off as Dean is hassling Ziggy and refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer. Tension is simmering away between the rivals of love and things almost turn violent.

Dean again crosses the line later in the day by bothering Ziggy at work. For the second time, Tane intervenes, leaving Dean annoyed by his persistent presence. Ziggy is becoming more intrigued by Tane and appears to be warming up.

Poor news for Ari and Tane

As Mac gave her car to Paul and Leon to pay off Tane’s debt, Ari and Tane hope their family is safe again. Though Paul and Leon had previously believed that this had settled matters, they were soon in touch with Ari again.

To learn that they are supposed to do another illegal task, Ari and Tane are livid. By denying the demand, they try to stand up for themselves, but Paul and Leon show photographic proof of their involvement in the last crime. It’s obvious that, unless he wants to end up back in prison, Ari will have no choice but to follow orders.

Nikau leaves Summer Bay

While Ari and Tane have tried their best to keep Nikau out of the dangerous situation, as he’s already suspicious, they know honesty is the best policy. Ari and Tane advise Nikau to go and stay in New Zealand for a while with his mom, which will keep him out of harm’s way while causing trouble for Paul and Leon.

She understands when Nikau explains the situation to Bella and gives him her blessing to go. As Bella returns home to the apartment, however, and discovers the unreliable Dean is nowhere to be found, it dawns on her that without Colby, Willow and Nikau, she’s really lost.

Fortunately for Bella, in future episodes, Nikau is going to be back on screen and is not leaving the Bay for good.

Colby is worried about Bella

Bella gets her first opportunity since the trial to see Colby when the jail allows him to start getting visitors. Colby questions Bella about how things are going back in the Bay, so she tries to cover for Dean initially.

Colby sees right through this and demands from Bella the true story. He’s angry when he figures out that when she needs support the most, Dean doesn’t bother to keep an eye on Bella. Bella, pointing out that Colby can still appeal against his conviction, attempts to look forward to the future.

Taylor visits Colby in jail

In order to see if they can save their marriage, Taylor and Angelo go out for dinner together, but it’s clear that Taylor will first have to settle her feelings for Colby.

Taylor goes to the jail to see Colby and is nervous about finding that he has an infected lip. She offers to see if she can get better security for him, but Colby maintains that some of the inmates were merely a “welcome present” and none of them knows that he used to be a policeman.

Though he still has feelings for Taylor, Colby covers this so that she can forget him and concentrate on restoring her marriage. Taylor gives Angelo hope later by promising that they will try to talk about problems.

Martha shares a big secret with her

With the news that she wants to make another trip back to Merimbula, Martha shocks Alf. When he suggests going with Martha, Alf gets a frosty reaction.

When Martha later confides in Irene at the diner, all becomes clear. She reveals she has an estranged son named Kieran, of whom Alf knows nothing. Irene is shocked and suggests that, while she vows not to betray her trust, Martha should be more frank with her husband.

Martha returns home to Summer Bay after reconnecting with Kieran for a few days, and tells Alf the truth. Her revelation goes down badly with Alf, who worries that if Kieran hadn’t got back in touch, she would never have told him about her son.

A new romantic failure hits John

A date through the Silver Dreams app has been lined up by John. When he arrives at Salt wearing his finest outfit and asks Mac for the best table in the room, he’s out to impress.

Unfortunately for John, when his date stands him up without any explanation, he is left feeling ashamed. When Marilyn shows up and witnesses his embarrassment, things just get more awkward.

Tori worries that Jasmine is once again in a bad position


Finally, Tori gets an opportunity to open Grace’s first birthday gifts. She is touched by the gift of Jasmine-a bracelet with an engraving referencing Robbo-but is puzzled when Irene admits that after Jasmine threw it away, she had to retrieve it from the bin.

Even after she clarifies herself, Tori takes this as a sign of Jasmine’s unpredictable behavior. It also creates friction with Christian as Tori refuses to let this go, as he does not agree with her panicked outlook on the situation.

Christian speaks himself to Jasmine and is optimistic when she maintains that in the past she wants to leave all the previous trouble. But will this be approved by Tori?


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