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Home and Away spoiler: Shock pregnancy set to rock Summer Bay


It appears that there may soon be a new addition to Home and Away. Pictures from this Tuesday’s shoot feature Jessica Redmayne’s character Harper Matheson strolling around Summer Bay sporting a prosthetic baby bump. Fans are certain that Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) is the father, even if it’s unknown who he is.

A user posted the picture on a Facebook fan group, stating that at the time of the photo’s capture, the crew “were filming.” Tane seems to be caringly massaging Harper’s stomach.

“It’s Harper, but I’m not sure who the father is,” she remarked.

In a video that her daughter captured of the moment, the fan also shared Harper’s apparent first-ever experience with the baby kick. He feels her belly, calls Tane over to feel it, then bends down to examine the bulge. The two were beaming as the sequence came to an end, and Harper gave a little happy dance.


“I had the incredible fortune to visit Palm Beach two years ago, when I got to know a lot of the actors and crew. “Wish I could be with my daughter right now, she’s out there again,” the admirer commented.

October or November of this year will see the Australian premiere of this narrative, as the show shoots five to six months in advance.

“Wow, that’s such a huge spoiler.”
The leaked photo caused viewers to go crazy, with many asking whether Tane and Harper would end up dating.

She is incredibly pregnant with Tane’s child. That’s most likely the reason Flick went,” someone surmised.


“I wonder if she’s acting as a surrogate for him by just bearing the child. However, I hope they are together,” said a second.

Is it possible that she is carrying Tane’s child? Perhaps a one-night fling? A third conjectured.

“Hopefully, it’s Tane’s child. I think he’ll make a fantastic father,” said someone else.

While the majority of people in Summer Bay were thrilled at the possibility of a child, some are certain that Tane won’t be there for very long.


When baby Grace arrived, Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) and Christian Green (Ditch Davey) had to leave, and baby Izzy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) also left the bay.

That’s cool, but it means they’ll be tragically cut from the program. Like Brax, Dean, etc., Tane will be hard to replace,” a fan commented.

Fantastic news. Another person concurred, saying, “Whoever gets pregnant [and] has a baby, ends up leaving the show.”

“It looks like she’s heading out soon. The infant’s curse. One third said, “Have a baby [on the] show and leave not long after.”

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