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Neighbours airs a major revelation over JJ’s father


Felix Rodwell, a recent addition to the show, may be JJ Varga-Murphy’s father, according to Neighbours.

The plot twist debuted in the episode on Monday, February 26, when Felix was caught lying to his brother Andrew about his history.

Felix is a new guest character on the soap opera, and James Beaufort has been cast in the role.

Felix, who is now incarcerated, has contacted Andrew to ask for help with his parole application since he needs a reliable place to reside in the event that he is freed from prison.


Though Andrew thought Felix may be JJ’s father, he was reluctant to help his sibling out of concern for what would happen to the rest of Ramsay Street.

Fans of Neighbours are aware that Phillipa Wade, a friend of Cara Varga-Murphy, was once in search of a sperm sample in an attempt to conceive. Later, after obtaining a sample, Phillipa gave it to Cara, who was hoping to conceive a child with her spouse Remi.

Cara utilised this DNA in addition to one from an American donor, raising questions about JJ’s possible paternity.

On Monday’s show, Andrew went to see Felix in jail and questioned him about his relationship with Phillipa in the past.


Following his discovery of Andrew’s theory and the fact that he now resides on the same street as the Varga-Murphys, Felix angrily denied ever giving Phillipa a sperm sample.

Andrew experienced a great sense of comfort upon realising that he could endorse Felix’s release without worrying about creating a commotion for the larger community.

Later, in an unexpected cliffhanger, Felix was seen holding a letter that Phillipa had once sent him while he was imprisoned. This included the pages from Phillipa’s diary that were missing.

The journal notes attested to Phillipa’s receipt of a sample from Felix, which she later gave to Cara after reconsidering her own intentions.


One page recounted Felix and Phillipa’s attendance at a fatal party and said, “But Felix Rodwell was the best thing that happened.” Late at night, he approached me and offered to give me his sperm. I am ecstatic right now.

“It’s true that he’s younger than my first pick, Andrew, but does that really matter? Sperm are simply sperm. My childhood fantasy is fully realised. I now have a donor, so it’s time to kick the habit and get in great shape.”

An entry from May 2007 that followed said: “So, big regrets. I kind of regret not telling Cara the truth regarding the source of the sperm.

“After all of the drama where Andrew gave it to me and then took it back. Honestly, who does that? It just felt a little strange using Felix’s sperm. But Cara was so desperate, and I didn’t want to waste it.”

In the upcoming weeks, viewers of Neighbours will be able to witness the continuation of this new plot when Felix moves to Ramsay Street and finds it difficult to resist the chance to get to know JJ.

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