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Ex-Home and Away, Neighbours star Orpheus Pledger jailed on assault charges


According to news.com.au, Orpheus Pledger, an Australian TV celebrity and former star of Home and Away, is currently incarcerated on accusations of assault.

After his bail was denied, the 30-year-old actor was placed under remand on March 27. He is accused of assault and causing injury.

Pledger’s attorney, Jasper MacCuspie, asked that the case be postponed when he made a brief appearance via video link on Monday morning to have his matter discussed.

This month, the accused will be kept on remand while the pledger’s case, a scheduled bail application, and an application for a suppression order are heard.


Pledger will have been detained on remand for about a month by that point.

Having been a familiar face on Australian television since he was young, Pledger starred as Tycho Everson in the mid-2000s dystopian teen drama Silversun, as well as having a prominent role in Neighbours in 2011 and 339 episodes of Home and Away between 2016 and 2019.

More recently, in 2022, he made a brief appearance in the third season of SAS Australia. However, he left the show quickly after the crew and cast voiced concerns about his “erratic behaviour.”

In the middle of 2018, while still a cast member of Home and Away, Pledger made news when she rescued a woman in Sydney’s Surry Hills from a horrific attack by a cloaked predator. She was also named a contender for Cosmo Bachelor of the Year.


He simply ran after her. He sprinted ten or fifteen metres, seized her by the entire body, and hurled her on the ground, Pledger told The Daily Telegraph after the event.

“My instinct told me there was a problem. Although I was somewhat afraid, adrenaline took over. Initially, I wanted to intervene and offer assistance.

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After leaving Home and Away in November 2019, Pledger’s acting opportunities appeared to dry up when his character, Mason Morgan, an aspiring student doctor, was killed off.


After just two days of the course, Pledger abruptly left SAS Australia due to “erratic behaviour,” ending her 2022 comeback to television as a reality star.

The actor departed the military boot camp show, as shown on the show, after gaining notice for his refusal to assist around camp.

According to fellow recruits, he seemed to be “off with the fairies.”

“I find it intrusive when someone attempts to force me to do something I have to do without explaining why. During filming, Pledger remarked, “I find it annoying.”

The show’s head instructor, Ant Middleton, and lead medic, Dr. Dan Pronk, were worried about Pledger’s attitude and decided to verify the findings of his psychological test before setting up a meeting.

In the interview that appeared on the show, Middleton remarked, “You seemed quite lost at the beginning.”


“You had more strength today. There’s no middle ground when you’re on it; you just are. Either “Yeah let’s f**king do this” or “Nah you’re not getting that out of me” are the responses that are given.

Before startling Middleton and Pronk with the statement, “I want to go home,” Pledger concurred with the assessment. I’m eager to return home.

Pledger declared in a post-event interview that he would “go for it” if finishing a course like this will precisely teach him the skills he needs to master.

“I won’t learn something if I don’t want to, and if that’s what you call quitting, then that’s quitting. Otherwise, because I care about other people, I take care of myself.

“I don’t care if you’re Australia’s most loved celebrity, don’t come on my course if you’re not there to give absolutely everything,” Middleton subsequently remarked on the event.

In a 2019 Men’s Health interview, Pledger touched on the subject of the connection between physical activity and mental well-being.

“Working out increases my frequency of vibration, which releases trapped energy and awakens my senses, enabling me to think and feel clearly,” he stated to the newspaper.

“My life is right when my mind is right, and taking good care of my body is the best way to accelerate this mental synergy.”

He continued by saying he had cut ties with negative people in his life.

Pledger listed his daily activities on Instagram, including what he looked at, what he listened to, what he spoke, and who he chose to spend time with.

Since these aspects of my life have a significant impact on my general mental health, I want them to be in line with who I am and what I enjoy.

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