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Neighbours spoiler: Sadie fights for her future with Byron


Andrew’s daughter greets him warmly when he gets home. Andrew agrees, acknowledging that he overreached with Byron, as Sadie clarifies that she no longer wants to argue with him.

Sadie is still sad about the harm done even after the thaw, so Andrew visits Byron to let him know that he has revoked the unroadworthy notice. Even more shocking to Byron is Andrew’s stern promise to keep out of the way of him and Sadie.

Sadie is appreciative of her dad’s shift of perspective, and when she sees Byron, her hopeful expectation bursts. She still feels heartbroken, though, because Byron gives off an uncomfortable vibe.

Later, when Byron shows up to ask for a second chance, Sadie’s heart leaps. Now both of them are back on track.


Melanie, Karl, and his complaining stomach are eager for another bike ride as they continue their health kick. But when they’re out and about, Karl’s stomach starts to act strangely, which makes him run into a nearby shrub in someone’s front yard in order to get a code brown.

In another scene, Holly tells Byron and Mackenzie about her cybercrime. Haz is able to convincingly mimic their astonishment, but in private he feels guilty. Haz tries to covertly deliver an envelope containing Holly’s initial $20,000 in an effort to make apologies, but when Mackenzie and Holly witness him in the process, he finds it difficult to offer a convincing defence, which heightens Mackenzie’s suspicions.

Later, Haz is severely saddened to read Mackenzie’s confession that she would never love Haz as much as she loves Hendrix in a screenshot of Mackenzie’s email from his tormentor.

Andrew has found that the malware software used to carry out the cybercrimes against Holly, Jane, and Aaron all originated from the same IP address. Mackenzie installs an anti-virus app on Andrew’s recommendation and finds that the malware has also been put on her phone.


Mackenzie gets uneasy as Haz argues more and tries to minimise the incident to hide his traces. This makes Mackenzie believe that Haz is somehow connected to the cybercrimes.

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